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Acumatica’s Cloud ERP Expands U.S. and Global Channel Partner Network

October 10, 2012

McLean, VA, October 10, 2012 – Acumatica, a leading global provider of cloud enterprise resource Planning (ERP) and financial software, today announced that it expanded its global channel partner network in Q3 by adding 21 value added resellers (VARs) in the U.S., additional affiliates in Mexico, and new coverage internationally.

“An increasing number of ERP implementation partners are discovering Acumatica as a great alternative to pure SaaS or on-premises-only solutions,” said Stijn Hendrikse, Chief Marketing Officer for Acumatica. “These partners quickly discover Acumatica’s unique value proposition as a 100% web-based product that can run in a private or public cloud SaaS environment, while still offering true data ownership and unparalleled adaptability. These partners can now address the demanding needs of midmarket and enterprise customers by adding Acumatica to their solutions portfolio. The combination of the Acumatica product, the technology platform, and our 100% commitment to channel partner distribution, makes joining the Acumatica partner program an easy business decision,” added Hendrikse.

During Q3, Acumatica added the following North American VARs to it channel partner network: A. B. Computer Systems, New York City, NY; Accounting Technology Systems, Tucson, AZ; Altara, Sacramento, CA; AT Consulting, Foxborough, MA; BI Service Pros, Forresthill, CA; Evolutika, LLC, Paramus, NJ; MaxQ Technologies, Danbury, CT; NetTrack, Amherst, NH; Revered Business Systems, Inc., Saratoga, NY; Strata ERP Cloud Services, Denver, CO; Zeal Solutions, Naperville, IL.

Also during Q3, Acumatica Affiliate VARs were also added in Mexico: RGR Itenso, MexiDSAN, SKI Consulting, Devatec, IT Training Solutions; and in the Philippines: The Positiveway Solutions.

Acumatica also extended its VAR reach internationally by adding Netinfo (Moldova); Microware Solutions Limited (Nigeria); The Accounting System Company, (TASCOLI), UK; T2VSoft, Inc., Canada.

Partner Quotes and Testimonials

“Acumatica represents more than just the most technologically advanced cloud solution,” said Robert Houdeshell, CEO, Strata ERP Cloud Solutions. “Acumatica offers additional functionality such as integrated shipping with FedEx and UPS, integrated credit card processing through Authorize.net, integrated wikis, document management, workflow, customizations, and list continues…” said Houdeshell.

“We added Acumatica to our state-of-the-art ERP offerings last month,” said Ed Avizur, President of A. B. Computer Systems, a premier software integrator in the North East. “After evaluating a few cloud-based ERP solutions, we concluded that Acumatica will be the best solution for our customers in terms of functionality, flexibility and ease-of-use. In addition, the excellent underlying technology and advanced development platform, combined with the ability to implement it either in the cloud or on premises, convinced us that Acumatica will provide A. B. Computer Systems with competitive advantage, and adds significantly to our arsenal of advanced ERP systems,” added Avizur.

“It’s clear to all in the ERP/accounting systems industry that cloud computing has many advantages for our clients, now and in the future,” said Brendan Abbott, CEO of AT Consulting. “Acumatica has the flexibility, functionality and features of well-known, mature on-premise solutions, while providing the additional advantages of a cloud solution. Unlike other cloud solutions we researched and worked with in the past, the upside potential of the Acumatica product and platform is enormous for us and our clients,” added Abbott.

“We’re extremely pleased to be part of the Acumatica channel partner network,” said Steve Nolan, Managing Partner for Nettrack Consulting, based in Amherst, NH. “Nettrack was searching for a solid ERP product for wholesale distribution that would augment our existing industry expertise. Acumatica provided everything we needed – and more. It has an easy-to-use interface, a superior feature set, and a quality company behind it. Providing the newest technology in cloud computing, Acumatica has a flexible approach to deployment options. It can be operated from the cloud, on premis, or hosted. It’s a true SaaS offering, and keeping with the company’s commitment to customer adaptability, it’s a perfect product for multi-location, multi-currency, and multi-company installations,” added Nolan.

“Acumatica will be the centerpiece of MaxQ’s cloud computer initiatives going forward,” said John J. Pavain, President, MaxQ Technologies. “Acumatica allows us to offer our customers a choice in how they deploy their ERP applications: on-premise, private, or public cloud environments. Couple that with the best business application UI that we’ve seen in a cloud-based software product. We’ve already started to convert our own extensive portfolio of applications over to Acumatica, and we’re excited about the future!” added Pavain.

“Compared to the legacy ERP systems we’ve worked with in the past, (with Acumatica) it’s exciting to be excited again,” said Greg Kaeser, Partner, Altara.

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