Manufacturers: Discover the Competitive Differences Between Acumatica and Epicor Kinetic

This Solution Brief unpacks the six important differentiators between Acumatica and Epicor Kinetic that every manufacturer must consider before making an expensive ERP investment.

Dig Into the Differences Between Acumatica and Epicor Kinetic
“Acumatica offers many strategic advantages over Epicor Kinetic for growing SMBs who want to modernize operations and evolve their digital transformation.”

Acumatica and Epicor Kinetic (formerly Epicor ERP) are cloud-based ERP systems that offer manufacturers specific manufacturing capabilities (e.g., make to stock, make to order, and configure to order as well as mixed-mode manufacturing), inventory and warehousing management, accounting and financial management, sales order management, and integrated CRM. But which one offers a complete solution for today’s small and midsized enterprise (SME) manufacturers? Acumatica.

This Solution Brief examines how Acumatica differs from Epicor Kinetic in these six specific areas:

1. Vertical Stack
2. Complexity
3. Service and Support
4. Third-Party Integration
5. Partner Ecosystem
6. Ease of Doing Business

Each differentiation section describes the capabilities of Acumatica and Epicor Kinetic, allowing manufacturers to see for themselves which ERP solution offers the most all-round value. Says Acumatica customer Scott Starkweather, President of Boulder Creek Stone,

“When we talk about Acumatica, it’s not just about accounting but about where we do all our business. We work in Acumatica and don’t need to leave.”

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