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What construction companies really need to know about cloud ERP

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Clearing the Clouds 2017 (Construction)
“As with any business decision, start with a thorough self-assessment of key business goals, resources, requirements, and other key considerations before you evaluate cloud ERP alternatives. Although every organization is unique, here are some key factors to consider….”

Some construction companies hesitate to upgrade beyond their old software and spreadsheets because they assume the cost of a modern software solution will be astronomical. But today’s cloud ERP systems are designed to give growing companies access to their business tools and information, on any device, anywhere, anytime—while only charging them for the computing resources they actually consume.

In other words, if you choose the right cloud ERP, you’ll get software that enables your growth rather than stifling it. Learn how to start your selection process with a new and improved whitepaper from SMB Group.

In “Clearing the ERP Clouds 2017” you’ll learn:

  • The top eight reasons your smartest rivals are choosing cloud ERP.
  • Which of the three types of cloud ERP deployment is best for you.
  • What Faux Cloud ERP is and how to avoid falling for it.
  • Why everything you’ve heard about cloud security may be wrong.
  • How to make sure you never get stranded on outdated software again.

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