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UPS Worldship® Integration
PC Bennett Solutions - UPS Worldship® Integration

PC Bennett Solutions Connected with Acumatica

AcuShip connects Acumatica to UPS Worldship® and helps companies who are utilizing both systems to dramatically increase efficiency by greatly reducing manual entry and potential for errors.

By adding AcuShip to your existing Acumatica system you’ll gain automatic, two-way communication between your Acumatica software and WorldShip®. That means that you can initiate WorldShip® shipments right from inside Acumatica. AcuShip will also automatically import WorldShip® information into Acumatica such as weight, costs, and tracking numbers.

Key features

  • Integration between Acumatica and UPS WorldShip® for both Small packages and Freight
  • Automatically export/import shipments on a scheduled basis
  • Will bring Shipping Address, Name, Shipping method and other fields into UPS WorldShip®
  • Will bring back to Acumatica important data such as shipping costs, weight, and tracking numbers
  • Can be installed on multiple workstations where UPS WorldShip® is installed
  • Easy-to-use configuration screen
  • Monitor detailed export/import activity from inside Acumatica
  • Confirm shipments in Acumatica automatically

Benefits for Your Business

Automatically import and export data between Acumatica and WorldShip®

  • Create shipments in Acumatica that automatically feed into WorldShip
  • Retrieve data from WorldShip such as costs, weight, and tracking numbers
  • Monitor all of this integration activity in one detailed screen within Acumatica
  • Save a tremendous amount of time by not having to enter the same data twice
  • Reduce errors caused by manual data entry

Industry Served

About PC Bennett Solutions

PC Bennett Solutions helps companies of all sizes increase efficiency and profitability by implementing cutting-edge business management software. We are with you every step of the way and have all of the necessary resources to provide you with a system to manage your entire businesses from end to end.

We also serve other Acumatica partners complement their staff if needed. PC Bennett Partner Services provides Software development, implementation, and training help to other partners.

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