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InvoiceAction will automate most of the mundane and tedious tasks involved in posting supplier invoices. InvoiceAction will capture invoices as they are received through email or fax or when they are scanned and automatically sort, separate and process them into Acumatica. InvoiceAction eliminates manual data entry, automates validation against Vendor Master File, Purchase Order and Receipt tables, allows for automated GL coding, electronic approvals and automatic posting to Acumatica.

Key features

  • Multi-channel document capture – email/fax/scan/FTP/WebDAV
  • Multi-format content processing – TIF/PDF/WORD/Excel/EDI
  • Automated document classification
  • Advanced data extraction
  • Multi-stage data validation
  • Exception handling
  • Approval workflows
  • Email notifications
  • API level integration into Acumatica and other ECM/ERP systems

Benefits for Your Business

Industry Served

  • Cross industries

About Artsyl

Artsyl Technologies, Inc. is the innovative company behind the docAlpha Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) platform and InvoiceAction AP Automation solution. For over 10 years Artsyl has been designing, building and innovating technology used by companies globally to reduce their document processing burdens. docAlpha can be used in any business process to automate the classification, data extraction, validation and routing of mission critical information to its proper line-of-business application.

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