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Excel-Based Reporting
BizNet Software - Excel-Based Reporting

BizNet Software Connected with Acumatica

Are you copying and pasting your data into Excel? Discover the BizNet Excel Suite, the most innovative and intuitive reporting solution on the market pre-built for Acumatica. It creates a user-friendly, drag and drop environment with real time access to the most accurate and current data. Built upon fundamental business disciplines and controls, BizNet solutions reduce the time spent updating spreadsheets and make it easy for Microsoft Excel users to connect, analyze, and share real time information.

Key features

  • 100% Excel
  • Real Time Business Data
  • Drill-Down to Transaction Level Details
  • Drag & Drop Reporting and Analysis
  • No Additional Hardware Required
  • Fully Implemented Within a Day
  • Anyone Can Build Reports Within Minutes

Benefits for Your Business

Industry Served

  • Cross industries

About BizNet Software

BizNet Software, Inc. is a market leader for Microsoft Excel in-memory, cloud-enabled reporting and business intelligence. Founded in 1996 to take the mystery out of databases, BizNet focuses on Microsoft Excel reporting solutions guided by financial and business professionals with a real-world understanding of corporate financial, operational and technical requirements. BizNet Software is endorsed by over 200 partners, 15 software publishers, and currently has over 20,000 users in over 2,100 companies in 30 different countries.

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