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ProFBO is designed for the FBO (Fixed Based Operator) or MRO with a focus on the repair and maintenance of aircraft equipment. ProFBO for Acumatica provides fast quoting with accurate costing of labor and inventory, tracking of customer equipment, and invoicing in one easy to use system.

Sales can drum up new business by downloading the FAA Aircraft Registry into ProFBO for marketing to aircraft owners. The Service Profile functionality will allow quick quoting based on that equipment’s job history or templates created for similar aircraft, engines, and other components. Once your quote is accepted, quickly turn it into a project and track labor, inventory and expenses with no additional system per user license fee. No quoting? No problem, create a job fast and easy by using templates, historical jobs, or create a new one on the fly. Compliance requirements? Print 8130s, flag FAA approved vendors for part procurement, distribution capabilities are inherent to Acumatica.

Key features

  • Import the FAA Aircraft Registry for sales and marketing.
  • Quick look-up of job history; quotes, actuals, parts, serial numbers, etc.
  • Create easy to use, repeatable, defined templates for fast quoting and job setup.
  • Flag FAA approved vendors & items for purchasing of inventory or repair items, & print compliance documents.
  • Easily setup core returns, track expected cores on your dashboard and/or reporting.
  • Utilize the complete Acumatica ERP solution, including Manufacturing if needed.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Eliminate duplicate entry from one system to another and free up staff time for other tasks
  • Eliminate error prone spreadsheets that do not tie back to a central database
  • Utilize a REAL-TIME software solution that will better manage inventory, labor and expenses
  • Stay informed by reviewing profitability on the fly, create change orders if needed
  • Reduce quoting or job creation errors by utilizing Service Profiles which allows job or task templates to be created and reused or edited as needed
  • Accessible on ANY Internet enabled device

Industry Served

About Clients First Business Solutions

Clients First is a business software implementation company with over 20 years in the manufacturing, aviation parts and repair. Our focus is making software systems work easily with minimal customer investment. That means we use the features within the software to minimize customizations therefore providing a quicker ROI to our customers.

Based in Dallas, Texas we have implemented FBO/MRO solutions across the globe.

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