eZCom EDI Connector for Acumatica
eZCom Software, Inc. - eZCom EDI Connector for Acumatica

eZCom Software, Inc. Natively built with Acumatica

An EDI solution for Acumatica that is fully embedded by design. The eZCom EDI Connector for Acumatica delivers absolutely seamless communication with trading partners while maintaining all the customization, mobile, and automation features of Acumatica that you rely on. With the EDI Connector, an extension of Lingo, eZCom’s award-winning EDI application, Acumatica users have automatic, 100% transparent exchange of electronic documents such as sales orders, invoices, advanced ship notices (ASNs), inventory updates, purchase orders, and more. Essentially, they’ll be able to create, review, and process trading partner-compliant EDI documents just as if they were standard Acumatica objects.

Costly chargebacks due to mistakes, time consuming manual and duplicate data entry, compliance concerns, retailer-specific validation checks, drop ship errors, and label printing problems can all be eliminated. In addition to comprehensive EDI functionality, Acumatica customers will save time, increasing trade volume and respond quickly to retailer and marketplace requirements. EDI that is Acumatica!

Key features

  • Full integration with the Acumatica user interface
  • 100% embedded extension
  • Unlimited EDI document processing
  • No user-based fees
  • Adheres to international EDI file standards X12 and EDIFACT
  • Follows EDI document exchange communication protocols VAN, AS2, FTP, sFTP, etc.
  • Fully compliant with trading partner requirements
  • Enhanced security (no outside or open Web Services)
  • EDI document send and receipt is via Acumatica
  • Omni-channel retailer models
  • eZCom's award-winning customer support team for application, integration, and implementation assistance

Benefits for Your Business

About eZCom Software, Inc.

Founded in 2000, eZCom Software, Inc. is the company behind the innovative supply chain EDI solution, Lingo. eZCom’s Lingo simplifies and speeds a complex and changing omni-channel trading process, enabling vendors of all sizes and types to grow their retailer relationships and profitability. A recognized leader in software design, integration innovation, drop ship programs, customer support and education, eZCom provides trading partners with the best in EDI. For ALL our users and products, eZCom’s award-winning expert EDI support team goes above and beyond expectations.

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