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The unity and ease of payments delivered by PayPal is unmatched. With all payments centralized, it’s easy to analyze outbound and inbound cash flows, as well as orders that are due in the future. PayPal works with nearly every merchant account, processor, and shopping cart, making it easy to integrate with Acumatica and existing website structure. Those who choose PayPal enjoy peace of mind, with their financial information safe and security from PayPal’s protection policy.

Key features

  • Centralize location for cash flows and payments
  • Secure financial information
  • Request money from just about anywhere
  • Compatible for mobile use
  • Integrate with almost any sales platform

Industry Served

About Kensium Solutions

From payment processing solutions to air-tight integrations for e-commerce businesses, Kensium Solutions is devoted to developing and supporting Acumatica customers. A 2016 Acumatica MVP, we are always looking to see how we can improve our products for Acumatica users.

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