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Shopify Connector delivers seamless integration between e-commerce stores and Acumatica. Those that implement it into their business strategy enjoy synchronization between the two platforms, meaning the information you input into one platform will be updated in the other. Use of Shopify Connector allows businesses to take and carry out orders, manage inventory, set prices, and process inbound logistics all in Acumatica, creating an omnichannel approach. The benefits of Shopify Connector lead to greater profits and increased conversion rates for e-commerce businesses.

Key features

  • Know the latest customer, inventory, sales and shipping data
  • Reduce tedious entry practices
  • Decrease error rates in processing
  • Sync inventory levels between platforms
  • Automate messages for customers
  • Allow real-time tracking
  • Apply discounts with ease
  • Comply with tax regulations through automation
  • Reduce employment needs
  • Increase operational stability

Benefits for Your Business

Shopify Connector and BigCommerce Connector for Acumatica

Industry Served

About Kensium Solutions

From payment processing solutions to air-tight integrations for e-commerce businesses, Kensium Solutions is devoted to developing and supporting Acumatica customers. A 2016 Acumatica MVP, we are always looking to see how we can improve our products for Acumatica users.

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