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Pacejet - Shipping Software Solution


Acumatica shipping by Pacejet seamlessly integrates hundreds of parcel, freight and 3PL shipping services directly into Acumatica to reduce cost, improve labor efficiency and increase fulfillment speed. Freight quotes with rate shopping, improved shipment billing and service controls, automatic capture of tracking numbers, and freight terms with cost+price capture are just a few of the features.

Pacejet worked with Fusion Software to adapt Acumatica to handle dimensional information for standard packages as well as adding boxes on the fly – including dimensional requirements for shipping accurate quotes. The Pacejet integration can work with or without Fusion Software’s Warehouse Management Suite. However, Fusion adds pallet management, pack contents detail, scale integration, and handles multiple units of measure for picking and shipping, all embedded in Acumatica. Whether you choose FusionWMS and Pacejet, or Pacejet alone, the savings in time and labor well justify the investment.

Key features

  • Cloud based solution
  • Native Acumatica integration
  • Rate shopping at Sales Order and Shipment
  • Hundreds of parcel, LTL, TL and 3PL in one solution
  • Pack through FusionWMS or directly in Pacejet
  • Integrated dimensional packaging.
  • Automatic paperwork and labels
  • Carrier data captured in Acumatica
  • Optional integration with FusionWMS
  • Multiple pricing models

Industry Served

  • Cross industries

About Pacejet

Pacejet is the leading cloud-based shipping software platform, helping businesses manage and optimize millions of freight and parcel shipments with lower costs and improved efficiency. Pacejet software as a service technology combines real-time integration with hundreds of parcel and freight shipping services, complete packing and shipping functionality, and a RESTful API in one cloud platform that seamlessly enhances any ERP, WMS, or e-commerce system with complete multi-carrier shipping.

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