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Shopping Cart Elite Automotive Version
Shopping Cart Elite - Shopping Cart Elite Automotive Version

Shopping Cart Elite Connected with Acumatica

Online sales of auto parts and accessories will reach $6.5 billion in 2017 and will continue to grow at a 15% annual rate. Those that tried to reach and surpass $1M in revenue are finding it difficult to achieve without the right tools and features in their eCommerce solution. Here are the reasons why Shopping Cart Elite is the best choice for businesses selling auto parts and accessories: Shopping Cart Elite includes the most Automotive Data.

With SCE, you get more brands than any other shopping card, free. Over 1,500 brands + SEMA data + JDM data comes with your package. For many businesses, not having this data included can be a deal-breaker because it affects time-to-market. Often it can take weeks or even months to set up automotive data feeds. It will also cost you development fees and resources if you have to do the set up manually. It is important to consider this if you don’t want to delay your sales when starting up. If you prefer not to deal with the hassle of development and want to have everything included from the start – go with Shopping Cart Elite.

Key features

  • Shopping Cart Technology
  • Automotive Data Included
  • Vehicle Fitment Search
  • Wheel Fitment Search
  • Tire Fitment Search
  • "Do Your Own Data" or Custom Data
  • Customize Core
  • Excel to ACES Conversion
  • SEMA Data Integrations
  • Guided Search Results
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Ebay Fitment Guide
  • Automatically Sell on Ebay or Amazon
  • Sell on Newegg, Rakuten, Sears
  • Comparison Marketplaces
  • Predictive Analytics
  • CRM System
  • Attribute Filtering
  • MMY Selection Landing Pages
  • Single Sign on
  • MMY Product Fits Listings
  • Multi Store
  • Paypal
  • Custom Shipping Rules
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO Automation
  • Mobile Optimized Website
  • Support Desk and more...

About Shopping Cart Elite

Shopping Cart Elite is for multi channel retailers and wholesalers who are dissatisfied with the limitations of their supply chain software and online shopping carts. SCE provides complete enterprise solutions at small business prices.

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