XScan - Barcode Data Collection System
Scanco - XScan - Barcode Data Collection System


XScan Barcode Data collection system for warehouse and manufacturing. You can do warehouse functions including but not limited to: Receipt of Good, Shipping, Inventory as well as all MFG transactions for JAAS Material issues, Labor tracking, Production Entries, Time Card, Status’s.

Our solutions run on Apple or Android devices and will be able to work connected to Acumatica or offline not connected to Acumatica. Application was designed to be user friendly and run as an app native to the device. That way you can run app without dependency on internet as well as anywhere there is a Wi-Fi, Cellular or direct connection to your network.

Key features

  • Warehouse transactions
  • Receipt of goods
  • Shipping
  • Inventory - issues, receipts, adjustments
  • Physical counts
  • MFG transactions for JAAS
  • Material issues
  • Labor tracking
  • Production entries
  • Time Card
  • Status's.

Industry Served

About Scanco

Since 1989, Scanco has been a leading provider of supply chain automation software and services. Since our inception, we have focused on innovative warehouse management solutions with a unique technology-driven approach. Our solutions deliver unequaled efficiency and visibility for distribution and manufacturing companies around the globe. From basic barcoding to the most complex distribution and manufacturing operations – Scanco software is positioned to grow with our customers ever-changing business needs. We are focused on providing top-tier, fully integrated automation solutions built specifically for your ERP solution. Today, thousands of world-class distribution and manufacturing companies have automated their facilities with cutting-edge Scanco technology.

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