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Acumatica’s ERP manufacturing software for discrete manufacturing and batch processing

JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software (JAMS) for Acumatica is a complete ERP for manufacturing. It’s designed and built on the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform by JAAS Systems. JAAS Systems has nearly two decades of experience developing feature-rich manufacturing software and manufacturing information systems.

JAMS is built within the Acumatica framework and integrates seamlessly with Acumatica’s Financial, Distribution Management, Customer Management, and Project Accounting Suites.

Industries We Serve
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Electronic Machinery and Components
  • Metals
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment
  • Instruments and Related Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Cosmetics
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Bill of Material/Routing

At the core of the JAMS for Acumatica ERP for manufacturing solution, the Bill of Material (BOM)/Routing module maintains production specifications—the framework for planning, operations, and costing. It includes:

  • Multi-level BOM/Routing — engineering and costed views of the product structure.
  • Revision Control — date-oriented revision history allows multiple revisions.
  • Production Steps — detailed work instructions with standard note capability.
  • Phantoms — for structuring convenience.
  • Reference Designators — reflect multiple reference points on a drawing.
  • Flexible Copy BOM — can be used as an alternate BOM/routing or to create a different yet similar item.
  • Multiple Costing Methods — average, standard, and actual costing methods; tooling costs, and unlimited fixed and variable overhead costs.
  • BOM Cost Roll — standard costing can update pending standard cost for each item in inventory.
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Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

The JAMS for Acumatica MRP module enables an organization to satisfy customer requirements while maintaining optimal inventory levels.

  • MRP Display — view all supply and demand from one centralized location; create production and purchase orders directly from this screen.
  • MRP Exception Messages — identify late orders and display any transfers available from another warehouse or site.
  • Master Production Schedule — manually controlled by the planner.
  • Sales Forecasts — generated from sales history and/or entered manually.
  • Bucketless System — maintains full plan detail while allowing user-defined time buckets.
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Production Management

Sophisticated production management for make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, project centric, job shop, batch and repetitive manufacturing. Schedule production, track material and labor usage and cost, compare standard/planned with actual.

  • Production Order Tracking — captures the total manufacturing costs, including material, labor, machine, tool, overhead, and outside processes.
  • Production Order Changes — supports prior or alternate BOMs, and substitute operations and materials.
  • Scheduling — includes both forward and backward scheduling methods for flexibility.
  • Lot / Serial Tracking — full lot and serial traceability throughout the lifecycle of the item.
  • Critical Materials — view order shortages; create purchase orders or production orders from a single screen.
  • Labor Tracking — non-production time can be entered using indirect codes.
  • Materials Tracking — issue stock and non-stock items and costs to an order.
  • Backflushing — the system allows for backflushing of labor and material; this is useful when a company only wishes to record the production quantity.
  • Production Performance — compare standard or planned with actual labor, material, machine, tools, fixed, and variable overheads.
  • Event Audit Trail — includes brief description, date, and user ID.
  • Barcode Integration — for labor and material transactions, inventory movement, cycle counting, and physical inventory.
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Product Configurator

The rules-based Product Configurator allows products to be configured in multiple ways on quotes, sales orders, and production orders. It enhances the quality and accuracy in the manufacturing of complex products.

  • Configure to Order – An item can be configured using predetermined features and options. The results of the configuration can carry forward to a production order.
  • Capability – The system provides for multiple dimensional calculations and formulas in order to calculate the material requirements for the specific components for the configuration.
  • Pricing – Based upon the features and options chosen, the system has multiple price roll-up capabilities to determine the actual unit price for that specific configured item.
  • Flexible Copy Process – Gain an easy way to create a new configured order by simply copying or modifying an existing configured order or quote.
  • Formula Validation – Validates formula calculation based upon minimum and maximum attribute values or quantities for selected features and options.
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Users can calculate costs and prices for new or existing parts using material costs, work center rates, and overheads, among other data. The estimate can be either linked, or not, to a quote or an opportunity.

  • Non-Inventory Items – Provides the capability to estimate items not currently in inventory. It also allows the user the opportunity to attach notes and files to the estimate.
  • Create Inventory Items – Non-inventory items are easily converted to inventory stock items or non-stock items. Users can create inventory items and generate a bill of material from an estimate.
  • Revision Control – Allows for multiple revisions of the same estimate, showing a history of the revisions and who created the revision. It provides an accurate estimate for expected labor, material, and overhead costs.
  • Flexible Copy Process – Provides an easy way to create a new estimate by simply copying or modifying an existing estimate, bill of material, or production order bill of material.
  • Sales Integration – An estimate can be attached directly to, or against, a sales order or an opportunity in customer relationship management (CRM).
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Additional Integrated Modules for JAMS for Acumatica
Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Finite and infinite what-if planning capability; promise and scheduling employee and machine resources.
Project Manufacturing Track all associated costs at a project level. Compare to a project budget. Production orders can be tied to a project task or produced to stock.
Engineering Change Control Automates, controls, and organizes all change requests, plans, and actual changes to a bill of material with approvals throughout each step in the process.

Key Features

  • Native integration to Microsoft PowerBI
  • Completely integrated ERP applications
  • Bill of Material (BOM)/Routing
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Production Management
  • Sales and purchase orders used in MRP
  • Inventory and warehouse management with barcoding
  • Revision Control
  • Lot / Serial Tracking
  • Labor Tracking
  • Scheduling
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