Make better decisions with Acumatica’s ERP for wholesale distribution

Like every business, distributors need accurate financial information to make sound business decisions.

Acumatica’s Financial Management software includes the core set of financial applications, fully integrated with customer management and operational software for distributors and wholesalers for timely and accurate financial data. Each module has been developed to meet the needs of growing multi-national organizations, yet is affordable for small and midsize businesses.

The accounting functions in Acumatica’s Financial Management suite include:

The Acumatica platform provides workflow, collaboration, analytics, and mobile throughout all components of the ERP and CRM solution set.

Measure Your Distribution Performance with KPIs from Acumatica

Key Features

  • Mobility (access information from anywhere, on any device with a browser)
  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Integrated Reporting Engine
  • Custom Report Designers
  • Native integration to Microsoft Power BI
  • Customizable Workflow
Beyond Great Financial Applications for Best in Class Performance

According to the Aberdeen Group, the world’s leading distributors outperform competitors by applying technology to support effective operations in a challenging environment:

  • “Leaders are marrying analytics and optimization tools with collaboration technologies to develop supply chain intelligence”.
  • “Leaders are deploying solutions that give them integrated workflow and collaboration that increase timeliness and accuracy of their most critical data”.
  • “Leaders are more engaged and have invested in mobility. In fact, up to 87% of leaders have a mobile solution now and 37% of all companies plan to invest in one within the next year”.
Analytics and Document Management

Distributors have access to more data than ever before available, but many are challenged to turn that data into actionable information. Modern analytics allow distributors to collect, manage, and transform raw data into insights and intelligence to support decision-making.

One of the characteristics of today’s Big Data is its variety: unformatted text, images, scanned documents, sensor feeds, and more. A picture of a damaged item, for example, can be electronically attached to a returned product record along with a copy of an original invoice with hand-written notes. Integrating Document Management to Analytics brings this concept to life.

The Acumatica wholesale distribution system monitors key metrics for each functional grouping. Drill down into summary and detailed information, including access to supplemental information, is immediately available. Executive management has immediate access to the performance measurement details for fast, accurate decision-making. These functions are part of the business dashboards that are central to Acumatica’s analytics.


Workflow allows you to define a consistent and repeatable pattern for a given business process and helps administer and monitor the execution of that process. Workflow maintains complete records and status tracking, so records and supporting documents are moved through the process as the defined steps are completed. For distributors, this means that the steps in processes are clear and visible and the potential for confusion or delay are greatly reduced.



Mobile devices are everywhere and business leaders rely on them to store information (calendars, telephone numbers), communicate (email, text), and supply answers to questions (search, maps). With Acumatica, distributors can now empower every employee to access fast, accurate, and relevant information on any device, anytime, anywhere, including scanning barcodes in the warehouse and in the field.



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