Earn Generous Profit Margins—and Other Financial Benefits—as an Acumatica VAR

We’ve already mentioned that when you become an Acumatica VAR, Acumatica won’t compete with you for sales. We can’t—we have no sales force.

By now, you’re probably thinking that if we don’t compete with you, we must make our profit by offering really tight margins, right?

Wrong. Acumatica offers some of the most generous reseller margins in the cloud ERP software industry. As an Acumatica VAR, you can count on higher starting margins that you’re used to getting from other vendors.

We’ll also reward you for taking good care of the customers who are so valuable to us both. Acumatica offers generous recurring revenue on annual cloud ERP subscriptions.

These are just a couple of the financial benefits you’ll enjoy as an Acumatica VAR. You can also count on:

  • No initiation fees. There’s no charge to get started as an Acumatica VAR. That means you’ll save $7,500 – $14,000 in startup fees that you can use to build your Acumatica practice.
  • No annual fees. You’ll continue to save thousands of dollars every year you remain a partner.
  • Low startup and training costs. Acumatica cloud ERP is built on the Windows Server, .NET, and SQL Server technology you already know. The platform offers familiar core ERP features. This means your application consultants and technical staff will quickly learn how to sell, demo, modify, and support Acumatica.
  • A steady stream of sales leads. We distribute 100% of the leads we generate to partners like you.
  • A free license for internal use. We want you to have the best cloud ERP software as you support your customers—so we give you ours.
  • Free test and demo licenses. We know you’ll want to have Acumatica at your fingertips as you train your staff, make presentations to potential customers, and develop new capabilities within the platform. That’s why we give you free licenses for these purposes.
  • Less unbillable time. All those hours you’re spending providing tech support to your customers probably aren’t billable. If your customers run Acumatica at our hosted location, you’ll most likely reduce your unbillable support costs.

That’s what we can do for your bottom line. What can we do for your customers?

Earn Generous Profit Margins—and Other Financial Benefits—as an Acumatica VAR

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