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Economic Advantages

As an experienced VAR, you have a choice of which solutions to support. This is a big decision for your business and can be expensive if the wrong solution is chosen. Thus, we have created this table of the major economic advantages that a partner enjoys when they join the Acumatica team. We invite you to use it to compare us to other Cloud ERP vendors.

Economic Advantages Benefits Acumatica Vendor X
100% reseller channel with no direct sales VAR’s are our only channel and Acumatica never competes against our partners Y N
Lead generation We distribute 100% of leads generated to our partners Y N
No initiation fees Save $7,500 – $14K in startup fees that you can use to build your Acumatica practice Y N
No annual fees Saves thousands in annual fees so you can continue to invest in growing your Acumatica practice Y N
Free internal use license So you can provide great support to your customers. Y ?
Monthly partner newsletter and monthly marketing enablement call Perfect solution for running your own business Y ?
Free test and demo licenses Great for training, development, and enablement purposes Y ?
Access to business application source code A big advantage if you’d like to customize or develop an ISV solution Y N
Generous margins Higher starting margins and greater recurring revenue on subscriptions Y N
Low startup and training costs Your application consultants and technical staff will learn how to quickly sell, demo, modify and support Acumatica because it has familiar features and is based on the Windows Server, .NET and SQL Server technology you already know Y ?
Reduce unbillable time If your customer runs Acumatica at our hosted location, it is likely your unbillable support costs will be lower Y ?

Economic Advantages to become Acumatica VAR
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