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Flexibility Advantages

The Acumatica Adaptable Cloud concept has flexibility designed into everything we do. Deployment, licensing, UI, BI, workflow, ISV extensions are examples. Here are some highlights to compare against other ERP vendors.

Flexibility Advantages Benefits Acumatica Vendor X
No per user pricing Acumatica licensing is by resource level, not per user or per seat, which makes sense for a Web-based system. This means the more users the system has, the lower the cost is per user. Y N
Deployment options Deploy where your customer wants: in our SaaS cloud or private cloud of their choice, or on-premises in their facility. Y N
Licensing options of subscription or purchase Most of our customers choose the subscription option, but if they want to purchase the solution, they can own it. Y ?
Data accessibility Customers can decide where the data is located. Also, the customer can make a copy and move it to another location whenever necessary. Y N
Upgrade when you want to upgrade, not when the software vendor wants you to upgrade Typically, with cloud vendors, you have to upgrade when they tell you. With Acumatica’s flexibility of deployment, you can choose the option that lets your customer decide when to upgrade. Y N

Flexibility Advantages to become Acumatica VAR
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