Why Acumatica Resellers Offer the Industry’s Most Flexible Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP is all over the news nowadays. The benefits are no longer a secret to Acumatica resellers and customers alike: lower up-front costs, lower ongoing maintenance costs, easy access through any web browser, and the freedom to cancel the subscription whenever you want.

But now that cloud ERP is an established technology, you’ve probably noticed that customers are getting more demanding. They want the freedom to deploy where they want. They want control over their data and their upgrades. And they want flexibility in how they pay for the solution.

That’s why we’re happy to present Acumatica resellers with a cloud ERP platform that’s flexible enough to meet just about any customer requirement. Join our team, and you’ll be able to offer your customers a solution that provides:

  • Freedom of deployment. Acumatica is the only cloud ERP that can be deployed in public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises. Your customers can even start with one type of deployment and move to another as their needs change. For example, they might decide to access Acumatica in the public cloud at first but then move their implementation in-house as they grow.
  • Flexible licensing. Paying a yearly subscription works well for many companies—but some of your customers will want to own their cloud ERP outright. Acumatica lets you offer both options.
  • No per-user pricing. Most ERP solutions charge customers a fee based on the number of users who will be accessing the system. This pricing model makes no sense for cloud ERP software, which isn’t installed on individual computers. That’s why Acumatica licensing is based on resource usage. This means that the more users your customers add as they grow, the lower their costs will be per user.
  • Total control over data. With Acumatica, your customers can decide where their data will be located. They can also easily make a copy and move it to another location whenever they need.
  • Total control over upgrades. Most ERP vendors—even in the cloud—force customers to upgrade on a rigid schedule. Acumatica is different. We let your customers choose when, and if, they want to upgrade.

Join our team of Acumatica resellers, and you’ll have fewer and fewer clients ruling you out solely on the basis of deployment options. Once they go live, you’ll have greater recurring revenues in the future….

Why Acumatica Resellers Offer the Industry’s Most Flexible Cloud ERP

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