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Functionality Advantages

ERP has been around since the late 90’s and each wave of technology improves on the past. We know that the true ability to sell and implement ERP correctly lies with the teams that sell and install it. That is why Acumatica wants to take your decades of knowledge of the benefits and features of ERP and apply it to this new wave of technology and functionality.

Functionality Advantages Benefits Acumatica Vendor X
Sell what you already know It takes a long time to effectively sell and implement ERP systems. Leverage that knowledge and talent by selling the next generation of ERP. Y ?
ERP is more than on-line accounting Unlike many SaaS “ERP” solutions that were designed for entry level customers, Acumatica has the advanced functionality you know and expect in ERP. Y ?
New applications to expand your knowledge New types of tools and applications that take advantage of the Web are included in Acumatica, such as Business Wiki’s, Employee Portal’s, true mobile apps like expense management, etc. Y ?
Add your industry specific ISVs solution to the Acumatica portfolio Use the Acumatica platform to migrate your solutions to enhance Acumatica and expand your sales channel through other Acumatica partners. Y N
Upgrade when you want to upgrade, not when the software vendor wants you to upgrade Acumatica applications are built on the Microsoft .NET platform and are modified with standard Microsoft tools your staff already knows. Dazzle your customers with your ability to modify the UI and generate customized reports and amazing dashboards. Y N

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