Become a Reseller for the Only Cloud ERP Vendor That Doesn’t Compete with Its Partners

If you’re an ERP software reseller, you’re probably frustrated—and we know why.

Every vendor you’ve ever become a reseller for has competed with you. They’ve welcomed you to the family, assigned you a point of contact, provided product training, explained their margin policy—and then used their own sales staff to close the deals you should be closing.

Because the vendor’s sales staff works directly for the vendor, they can offer price reductions and special package deals you can’t match. They also have access to far greater sales resources than you.

All things being equal, what prospect wouldn’t prefer to buy directly from the vendor rather than a third party? The deck is always stacked against you.

It’s different when you become a reseller for Acumatica. We won’t compete with you—ever.

How do you know can you trust us? It’s simple: we have no sales force.

That’s right: there’s no such thing as an Acumatica sales rep. Or to put it another way, the closest thing there is to an Acumatica sales rep is a hard-working VAR like you.

From our founding, we made the bold decision to do 100 percent of our sales through partners. It’s a decision that has paid off for us as well as our partners. You get peace of mind that we won’t undercut you on price (because we can’t). And we get the advantage of selling through a broad and diverse network of partners who can reach customers we would otherwise have difficulty reaching.

Selling software is your game. We’re here to help you win it.

By now, you’re probably wondering, “What’s the catch when I become a reseller? Do you offer really low payouts?”

Let’s talk about Acumatica’s highly competitive profit margins for VARs.

Become a Reseller for the Only Cloud ERP Vendor That Doesn’t Compete with Its Partners

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