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Technology Advantages

We are very proud that our True Cloud ERP has technology second to none. It was designed and written for the new cloud and mobile world. Our founders learned from the mistakes of the past and designed the “Acumatica Modern Business Platform” to ensure future adaptability that keeps our solutions relevant and competitive.

Hosted legacy systems don’t offer all of the benefits of a True Cloud solution. Do not make the mistake of thinking that an alternative is “good enough”. Beware of those last generation applications that use “cloud washing” and “faux cloud” to retrofit their products to run on the web without any of the benefits of True Cloud.

Acumatica is definitely, and may be the only, True Cloud ERP. These are some of the results of being True Cloud:

  • Build on the platform of the future: Technology leaders are building their future on Acumatica. As an example, Acumatica is trusted by Visma and MYOB, two of the world’s top business management and accounting software providers in the Nordic and Australia/New Zealand regions. Collectively, they have over 1.5 million customer.
  • Freedom to decide where data lives: Who controls your customers’ data? You should. Unlike other vendors who lock you into their data center, with Acumatica you decide where to host company data: on the public cloud, in a private cloud, or on-premises.
  • Share in the connected cloud platform: It’s built for your customers’ business and can grow with their needs. You can add capabilities such as CRM and data visualization. Our flexible architecture allows for customization without the need for coding.
  • Extensible: To integrate other solutions and applications beyond ERP, use Acumatica’s Cloud xRP for rapid development of vertical solutions that integrate with ERP and CRM modules.

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