Ongoing Partner Support for Acumatica ERP Resellers

Most ERP resellers have had this feeling before: you’re welcomed as a new partner, receive lots of encouragement up front, and hear lots of congratulations once you’ve made your first sale. But after a while, you begin to feel like just another face in the crowd.

But that’s not the worst of it. Many ERP vendors will actually compete with you for sales, favoring their own sales teams as a way of avoiding paying you your margins.

Acumatica is different. Remember: since we have no sales force of our own, ERP resellers like you are our only sales reps. Your success is our success!

That’s why our Partner Program provides you with contacts and resources that will help you continue to grow your business far beyond that first sale.

Like all Acumatica Cloud ERP resellers, you can take advantage of:

  • Clear certification requirements. Tired of being told by your ERP vendor that you can’t get certified because you haven’t made enough sales? Acumatica awards badges based on what you know, not what you sell. You’ll always be clear on what you have to do to get certified as a business consultant, sales consultant, pre-sales engineer, system administrator, or technical specialist.
  • Partner Account Managers. When you need advice or run into a challenge, you won’t have to dial a call center and wait on hold. You’ll be able to call your dedicated Partner Account Manager for personal attention. These professionals are here to serve you and your customers in any way possible. They’ll provide product collateral, help you run demos, or give you whatever else you need as you sell Acumatica solutions.
  • Access to executives. Although we’re the fastest-growing cloud ERP, we’re not so big that our executives don’t have time for you. In fact, they’re eager to hear your input on how we can grow our business in ways that help you grow yours. Whether you’re at our annual Acumatica Summit or back in the office, we’ll do our best to make our top executives available to you.
  • Monthly partner newsletters and marketing enablement calls. We’ll keep you informed of all the great news, tools, and campaigns we’re creating for you.

We hate to brag, but Acumatica ERP resellers know why CRN has given our Partner Program a “5 Star” rating two years in a row.

Best of all, if you’re serious about joining us, it’s surprisingly easy to get started

Ongoing Partner Support for Acumatica ERP Resellers

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