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Training and Support Advantages

Acumatica will not be successful unless our VAR partners are successful, and your success is built on satisfied customers. To attain that goal of success, an extensive understanding of how an application works and how best to configure it is required. We appreciate that and put together what we think is a premier (if not the best) training and support offering in the ERP industry.

Training and Support Advantages Benefits Acumatica Vendor X
Partner Portal filled with valuable information Your 24/7 source to find what you need, when you need it, including the Acumatica on-line university, training videos, demo scripts, marketing materials, pricing info, etc. Y ?
Comprehensive enablement program The Acumatica program will ensure that you have access to all the tools and resources you need to be successful. From enablement sessions to training and beyond, the curriculum has been developed for you to get up to speed quickly and become certified as a business consultant, sales consultant, pre-sales engineer, system administrator, technical specialist, etc. Y N
Free pre-sales resources to help you get your first deal The first one is the hardest, so we’ll help you qualify and demonstrate the Acumatica solution. Y ?
Implementation assistance program to help you with your first deal And we’ll help to ensure your first customer is a raving fan! Y ?
Free on-going technical support So you can provide great support to your customers. Y ?
Monthly partner newsletter and monthly marketing enablement call Stay abreast of all the great news, tools and campaigns we’re creating for you. Y ?
Annual Acumatica Summit Get together yearly to celebrate accomplishments, learn about the future direction and get additional training on Acumatica ERP. Y ?

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