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Hi Spec Doorsets

Doorset Manufacturer Moves to Acumatica, Enjoys 24/7 ERP Access
Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for Hi Spec Doorsets

About Hi Spec Doorsets

Location: United Kingdom

industry: Manufacturing


Application Replaced: Other
"I am still getting used to drinking a coffee in Starbucks while looking at our ERP, but that is the flexibility and usability that all companies should have now."

Tim Patton
ICT Director

Key results for Hi Spec Doorsets

  • Improved productivity through an integrated, cloud-based system

  • 24/7 access for sales staff traveling with mobile devices

  • Stronger customer service through Acumatica 4.1 features

  • Challenges
  • ERP Solution
  • Outcome


Hi Spec Doorsets needed:

  • To upgrade from EFACS, their old on-premises, server-based system
  • Ability to work from anywhere
  • Information to be updated quickly and reliably
"The old system was a bit like a landline; the new system is like using a smartphone. Both make the same calls, but you can do so much more with a smartphone."

Hi Spec Doorsets Employee

ERP Solution

Prior to implementing Acumatica, the company ran a client/server-based system called EFACS. This was a traditional ERP package that never quite met expectations. The sales staff would have to wait until they returned to the office to update their leads, contacts, opportunities or sales orders, or they would do battle with some remote login software, or have to ask someone in the office to enter their information. This was extremely frustrating and wasted valuable time.

Hi Spec launched Acumatica 3.0 in 2012, upgraded to 4.0 in March 2013, and then stepped up again to 4.1, to take advantage of exciting new features such as drag and drop, quick search, and the one users love the most, Favorites.

Since construction businesses must carefully watch their costs, Tim Patton, Hi Spec’s ICT Director, stated, “Two things instantly attracted me to the Acumatica model. One was the reduced costs in maintenance and the other was no user licensing. In addition was the ease of use and intuitiveness of the system itself. If a system is easy to use, then it will get used and that, ultimately, is what we want as a business. If you rely on your ERP to be the sole repository for your data and business logic, then it must be up-to-date at all times.”

ERP Solution implemented


First among the numerous advantages of Acumatica over their old system is the freedom of being browser-based, which allows them to work from anywhere, on any device. With Acumatica the sales staff can now get their information back to the office in minutes rather than days. As one salesman commented, “It is like having our ERP system traveling with us.” This also makes an impression on the customers when they see how the new system works.

Another new feature for selected customers is automatic notifications: as soon as Acumatica is updated with shipment information the customer is informed, removing the need to phone the customer and cutting costs.

As the first UK Acumatica site, Hi Spec has set the standard. With the support of the Acumatica ecosystem, the firm has managed to move to a SaaS-based cloud solution, free from the constraints of their older system. As Tim said, “The mindset is completely different from old ERP, where you would lock down your system for years. Business evolves weekly, even daily, so why would we not evolve our ERP?”

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