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Environmental Manufacturer Chooses Acumatica with its Embedded Manufacturing Software for Increased Functionality
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for Opflex Technologies
Indianapolis, IN
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Opflex Technologies

  • Complete feature set for multi-entity businesses
  • Lower TCO with an even large number of users
  • Richer, embedded manufacturing functionality
  • True cost of production
"The security within the Acumatica system allowed us to push down transactional entries to the people performing the tasks. This resulted in ownership of the system by line personnel... versus referring to the system as IT’s system."
Pat Trefun, CFO
Opflex Technologies
ERP Solution


Opflex Technologies needed:

  • The ability to make strategic decisions about their customer base
  • An integrated manufacturing solution
  • Cloud-based technology
ERP Solution

ERP Solution

The most significant need for Opflex Technologies was the ability to make strategic decisions on the customer base to service. Because of this, Crestwood Associates presented Acumatica. Acumatica would allow Opflex to determine product costs by SKU—they have approximately 150 SKUs, and prioritize the customer base—which would help with pricing decisions and the rationalization of the customer base.

The capabilities that Acumatica offered, including its integrated manufacturing software solution, JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software (JAMS), and its pure Cloud technology, made Acumatica ideal for Opflex. The complete solution helped the company make the desired strategic decisions by gleaning more complete insights into their business.

Opflex purchased Acumatica Financial Management, Distribution Management and Project Accounting Suites, along with JAMS, and implemented it all in a shortened time frame so the business could be managed cost effectively. Opflex was able to implement JAMS with a relatively small team that consisted of production, IT, and finance personnel, establishing an effective cost accounting system that reports to all areas of the company. Internal IT resources were assisted by both Crestwood and JAAS Systems support teams, which proved effective, did not overlap, and complemented each other’s abilities.



The production staff now has access to the production system with JAMS and is an integral part of the transactional process. Controls were programmed into the process and system which allowed the manufacturing personnel to view—and more importantly—analyze the production process.

“We were able to take the manual Bills of Material and input them into Acumatica, which provided a secure and verifiable environment for a key part of the company’s operations. Prior to JAMS, some of these Bills of Material were either written down or simply in someone’s memory,” Trefun says.

Using a hosted version of Acumatica allowed Opflex Technologies to focus on the functionality and the reporting capabilities of the software rather than worrying about the hardware requirements. This meant an efficient implementation of the system.

The company was also able to design a secure and reliable back-up process enabling quicker response time for reporting tools and most importantly, peace of mind that the data is not reliant on a single platform.

“Having a system that takes practical advantage of constantly evolving technology is essential to business agility,” said Opflex IT Director, Kevin Cox.

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