Customer Success Stories Successful ERP Implementation - PR Wireless (formerly Open Mobile)
Cell Phone Service Provider Switches to Acumatica, Implements New ERP System in 90 Days
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for Open Mobile
Puerto Rico (Headquarters in Guaynabo)
Apps Replaced

Open Mobile

  • Implementation of new ERP system in 90 days, including data migration
  • Financial reporting process reduced from four-step process to one click
  • Enhanced data analysis and strengthened data integrity
  • Improved practices and increased efficiencies
  • In-house knowledge and support for product
  • Faster, simpler access to information, and from any location
ERP Solution


Open Mobile needed to:

  • Improve financial reporting
  • Improve requisition workflow
  • Increase efficiency of Purchasing and Accounts Payable
  • Manage their ERP system internally
ERP Solution

ERP Solution

When considering their options for upgrading Open Mobile looked at Oracle eBusiness Suite and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as Acumatica. Their local partner, Bob Bolte, Owner of New Day Technology (NDT) reports that Open Mobile chose Acumatica because it delivered requisition management with approvals and budget control as well as all required ERP workflows for a fraction of what they would have paid for the other products. Diaz had concerns about control, but an Acumatica technical manager convinced him: “He said we would be in control. We would be given the option to upgrade, and could choose to upgrade or not. That was a key factor in the decision.

Another factor was that we can do the hosting; if we don’t like it, we can change.” The CFO, Federico Grosso, says, “Acumatica was a fully integrated, cost-effective ERP solution. Our business objective was to increase efficiency in key processes: improve the requisition workflow; purchasing and Accounts Payable efficiency; automate the expense report process, and improve financial reporting.”



Acumatica will help Open Mobile in several ways, according to Grosso: “It will place us in a position to improve accounting processes and efficiencies… and financial reporting and analysis. We can spend less time extracting data and more on analysis. It will increase the integrity of our data. Before, we had to have an analyst working no less than two or three hours full-time on the report. Now, you can click a button and get it yourself.”

Grosso adds, “The fact that you can access the workflow from any place on any device is great. I recently understood the full benefit of this capability when I was away from the office, in the middle of a congressional hearing. Someone sent an email saying, ‘I need an approval, it’s urgent.’ I pulled out my phone, logged on to Acumatica and was able to approve the request. I said, ‘This is amazing.’

This is twenty-first century technology and it really will make a difference.” For the CFO, having a reliable ERP system is critical: “It’s crucial to have data integrity, and crucial that we have in-house knowledge and support. Acumatica was one of the best projects we did at Open Mobile; on-time, on-budget. We’re very happy here.”

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