Using Mobile to Connect Teams and Streamline Workflows

Using Mobile to Connect Teams and Streamline Workflows

If your construction company is like most, you’re using more and more mobile technology to simplify and automate the gathering of information in the field. But does the data you capture flow to your back-office software and give your teams complete visibility into each project?

Download our on demand webinar where construction industry expert Mike Gillum will explain how mobile technology that’s synchronized with your back-office software can help streamline your workflows and connect your teams.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Let construction managers track real-time costs across all projects—from anywhere.
  • Sync changes made on mobile apps to items such as RFIs, project issues, and timecards in your back-office system—automatically.
  • Let finance staff review and approve data such as payroll before updating the system.
  • Streamline expense reporting for employees and their supervisors.

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