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Customer satisfaction drives profitability

Whether you specialize in long-term, complex projects or short turnaround jobs, you succeed by acquiring and maintaining clients while ensuring that projects/jobs are executed profitably. It all starts with managing relationships and making your deadlines. Competing on value is necessary, but the real challenge is to be better than the competition at ongoing relationship management.

Only an integrated system will provide the powerful 360-degree view of your customers’ activities, requests, and projects that your industry needs to stay ahead of the competition. Acumatica can help tackle the issues of customer relations and productivity simultaneously.

Acumatica is built for Service Industries

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  • Extensions

    Extend the Acumatica functionality with these pre-built and integrated software solutions

  • Spitfire Project Management System

    Spitfire Project Management System

    Spitfire's browser-based system combines the collaborative strength of web-based project management with deep integration into Acumatica for project costing and financial management. It allows everyone involved on a project to collaborate with ease and efficiency, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

  • Sales Tax Automation

    Sales Tax Automation

    Avalara AvaTax SaaS offering provides the most complete set of transaction tax compliance services available, including tax calculation, exemption certificate management, returns processing and 1099 filing and reporting.

  • Property Management Solution

    Property Management Solution

    Imperium powered by Acumatica is designed to help real estate organizations increase operational efficiency and improve the bottom line. Addresses virtually all property management and construction management tasks, and provides a completely integrated and sophisticated accounting system.

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