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Jigx Mobile for Acumatica

Jigx provides Native Mobile Apps for Acumatica with Offline Support.

With Jigx, you can customize a mobile experience that is easy to use and available 24/7 with offline capabilities.

Jigx easily connects to the relevant Master Data from Acumatica and allows the user to read & write back to the backend Administrator. Compatible with Android, iOS/iPadOS, Jigx allows organizations to streamline any interface and add enhanced features allowing access to information anywhere, anytime.

Why Jigx?

- Encourage real-time collaboration with contractors, developers, and construction businesses.
- Boost manufacturing keeping workers connected while on the shop floor.
- Increase productivity with your field service reps.

Learn more at: https://www.jigx.com/jigx-for-acumatica

  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Connected with Acumatica
Industry Served

Key features

  • Build a fast, native apps in a branded experience.
  • Offline capabilities with automatic data sync.
  • Easy access both read/write to Master Data.
  • Custom Forms and User Interfaces.
  • Role-specific solutions for tailored app experiences.
  • Rapid updates to address new business needs.

About Jigx, Inc.

Jigx is a revolutionary mobile app development platform that empowers individuals and businesses to create beautiful, feature-rich mobile applications with ease. Our platform eliminates the need for special skills, making app development accessible to everyone.


Customer Reviews

Duberstein, Mike
Presales Leader LLC
Unbelievable Product -- Total Game Changer
July 1st, 2024

Jigx is one of the coolest things on the Acumatica Marketplace. If you are looking for a significant upgrade to your Acumatica mobile experience, Jigx is the way to go.

Slomanson, Ashley
Jigx is one of the best mobility tools i've seen
June 12th, 2024

What i like about Jigx is two things...1. I love that every individual company can tailor Jigx to look and feel they way that they want it. You can tailor Jigx to gather all types of information from the field. Plus, the interface makes it so easy for field workers to do their jobs without a ton of training. This is the mobility product of today and the future and it will extend Acumatica data directly to the device. 2. Glen Bryant is absolutely an expert in this field, he knows what different industries are looking for and he is very good at bringing the clients along on an inspirational journey to show them what is truly possible with the app. Game changing for top companies using Jigx today.

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