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The GoFormz and Acumatica integration streamlines the distribution, completion, collection, and storage of critical field documents and data. With GoFormz, field teams can easily digitize their existing forms for use on phones, tablets, and computers, in a drag-and-drop form builder (no code or IT required). These digital forms can look exactly like existing work forms or entirely new versions built from scratch – allowing teams to maintain important formatting and easily onboard users. These digital forms can be filled out and completed from phones, tablets, and computers, even while offline, enabling field teams to work from any job site or office location, no matter how remote.

Once a form has been submitted it can be instantly routed to colleagues, customers, and connected applications, like Acumatica. Completed forms can be instantly uploaded to corresponding Acumatica records or used to create entirely new records. Data collected within digital forms can even be used to update Acumatica objects, alleviating administrative burdens and reducing opportunities for error.

Digital forms can be easily equipped with fields to capture new types of information, like images, sketches, GPS/maps, barcode data, and signatures. These form fields can be easily configured with logic to guide user data entry, reduce data entry error, and ensure forms are completed correctly before they are submitted. Leveraging GoFormz workflows, custom workflow steps can be added to enforce important review and approval steps, ensuring forms are completed accurately and comprehensively, before they reach Acumatica.

By digitizing your document collection, your operation can rapidly accelerate and streamline countless construction use cases, including:

- Daily construction or field reports
- Work order forms
- Inspection forms
- Pre-task plans & JHA’s
- Quality and safety checklists
- Change order requests
- Requests to bid forms
- Extra work authorizations
- Safety documentation and orientation forms
- Permits (Hot work, confined space, etc)
- Waivers

...and so much more!

Acumatica Certified Application
  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Connected with Acumatica

Key features

  • Maintain your form's original formatting – simplifying collaboration with government agencies and subcontractors
  • Dispatch forms pre-populated with Acumatica data to field teams and accelerate form completion
  • Elevate compliance workflows and automate data capture end-to-end with GoFormz workflows
  • Improve data quality and completeness with easy-to-use form logic and conditional formatting
  • Optimize communication and increase transparency with new data types, like images, sketches, and maps
  • Leverage a small-screen optimized viewing mode when working on devices like phones

About GoFormz

GoFormz provides a mobile forms and reporting solution that organizations use to replace their paper forms and PDFs, resulting in more accurate data, streamlined workflows, and comprehensive reports that drive agile business decisions. The GoFormz platform is digitally transforming 3,000 paying companies into data-driven organizations that efficiently capture more accurate information for their mission-critical workflows and applications. GoFormz is helping businesses of any type, size, or industry across more than 150 countries eliminate paper forms, unlock business data, and dramatically improve how they work. GoFormz is backed by leading venture capital firms including Glynn Capital, Cloud Apps Capital Partners, and Shasta Ventures. Learn more at www.goformz.com.


Overview of the GoFormz and Acumatica Integration


Customer Reviews

Lyle, Kris
The Rollout Crew
Incredible flexibility in data capture and connection to Acumatica
August 28th, 2023

As one of GoFormz’s first official certified partners, we’ve seen firsthand how this platform transforms the construction industry’s relationship with paperwork. Throw Acumatica into the mix, and you really start seeing some game-changing SOP transformations.

The Rollout Crew has successfully designed and deployed several GoFormz and Acumatica integrations, turning cumbersome paper trails into streamlined digital highways. Highly recommend exploring these opportunities if you value your time and dread paper cuts.

Hooper, Ryan
Robust and versatile data entry solution
July 12th, 2023

GoFormz is truly an innovator in the data entry space. The product is versatile and can meet a broad range of requirements with a solid and effective solution- from field to office.

In addition to a solid product, the GoFormz team is a pleasure to work with and places customer satisfaction at the forefront. From initial to technical discussions, the team will show up professionally and provide an exceptional outcome.

If you are looking for a data entry tool, I highly recommend reaching out to GoFormz to explore how they can provide a best-in-class solution for both simple and complex requirements.

Lam Le Ngoc, Mrs.
Asgard Alliance Software
GoFormz Team
June 27th, 2023

Over the past few years, our company has partnered with GoFormz for implementation services. It's been a pleasure working with everyone on their team. Not only is GoFormz an innovative, useful and effective solution for all field service workers, their exceptional team is attentive and always ready to offer the finest service to Acumatica customers.

GoFormz has revolutionized operations by eliminating manual processes and streamlining workflows. Their customizable digital forms and user-friendly interface have greatly enhanced work efficiency for clients.

For any Acumatica customer who requires a reliable field service solution, we strongly recommend GoFormz.

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