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A services business is all about the professional staff – keeping them billable and productive, and managing turnover (attrition). Acumatica can help with both by providing timely and accurate information that gets the right people assigned to the right project at the right time to keep customers happy and billable hours high. Providing modern tools to the staff plays an important role in job satisfaction by easing the reporting and administrative burden while enabling ready access to information that service providers need to do their jobs effectively.

A recent Maturity Benchmark study by Service Performance Insight, LLC noted “Declining Bill Rates” and “Drop in Profits” were reported by many service companies. If these are your concerns as well, your strategy is to help everyone on your staff be as productive and satisfied as possible. Maximize your income by providing productivity tools that increase job satisfaction and reduce unproductive time usage.

Key Features

  • Mobility (access information from anywhere, on any device with a browser)
  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Integrated Reporting Engine
  • Custom Report Designers
  • Native integration to Microsoft PowerBI
  • Automation Module (workflow)
  • Document Management Module (including wikis)
Improved decision-making

Self-service BI tools and dashboards increase productivity by enabling users to uncovering information lost in the data – and doing it efficiently without waiting for IT or data specialists to develop the analysis. Acumatica leverages Microsoft Power BI as its self-service analytical toolset.

A 2015 Aberdeen Group report, “Self-Service Analytics and the Cloud Drive User Empowerment” states:

Self-service paralytics can empower users in so many different ways. They can drill down into the details of an intriguing visualization or figure. They can customize the presentation of data without IT help or better socialize information. They can prepare and integrate data from multiple sources to inspect problems from a new angle. Self-service, especially when supported by a cloud data hub, fosters a larger, more active user base that will make better decisions and disseminate insight across all lines of business.
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Integrated document management and sharing
  • Store customer bids, orders, project information, and service requests in CRM so everyone will be on the same page when speaking with customers.
  • Document procedures in a wiki in the business system.
  • Attach scanned invoices to the electronic Accounts Payable form to save time and reduce costs.
  • Distribute (share) reports – one copy, no printing, no confusion, everyone has the current version.
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Workflows to improve processes
  • Even a simple approvals workflow will help productivity by automatically routing documents and tracking activities.
  • Rules-based workflows know when and how to route documents, avoid delays and signal when a required step falls behind schedule.
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Expanded and flexible access
  • Mobile access is an absolute requirement for information access in the field, on the road, at a client site, out of the office or after hours. Avoid costly delays and improve productivity.
  • One set of code; one look-and-feel; any device (with a browser), anywhere, anytime.
  • Extend access to everyone – without additional license costs.
  • Allow customers to access information and inquire on their projects through portals.
  • Enable subcontractors to see project information and report their time and progress.
  • Mobile time and expense reporting and information access for employees.
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The power of integration
  • With a single set of data, everyone in your organization works with the same version of the truth. No lost productivity reconciling different versions of reports.
  • Eliminate double entry; save time; reduce errors.
  • Have instant access to information – system-wide.
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) for a single integrated system is much less than for multiple disparate systems.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is scalable (increase or decrease capacity as needed), reduces upfront costs, and eliminates significant ongoing IT costs.
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What Acumatica delivers

Acumatica is designed to make companies more productive by removing the impediments that slow you down and cost you money. We do this by providing:

  • A modern, fully integrated system.
  • SaaS as a licensing option.
  • Unlimited users.
  • One set of code – not a separate version for mobile.
  • Access from anywhere, on any device with a browser.
  • Embedded workflow and document management (including wikis).
  • Native BI integration to Microsoft PowerBI.

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