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Midsize retailers are focused on growth – expansion – but always with an eye on profitability. Although midsize retail firms may lack the resources of their larger competitors, they enjoy the advantage of being closer to the customers, and of being more flexible in strategy execution and pricing. But many retailers worry that these attributes may erode as their firms expand.

Key Features

  • Multichannel sales order processing
  • Integrated customer management
  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Real-time reporting across multiple locations
  • Time sensitive pricing and promotions
  • Inventory sub-items for size, color and style
  • Purchasing and replenishment
  • Fulfillment, shipping and logistics
  • Service management
A complete view

By delivering a complete view of your business across online sales, telesales, and “brick and mortar” sales operations, Acumatica allows you to stay on top of all your channels, optimize inventory, track customer service, and keep a close eye on revenue, costs and profitability.

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Bring it all together

Streamline your entire business process – from ordering to inventory, and accounting. Acumatica is web-based so it’s easy to link your franchises, warehouses, offices, and retail locations without the hassle of VPNs, private networks, and customized telecommunications solutions. With unlimited user pricing, involve more employees, partners, and customers so you can automate ALL business processes – even processes that span multiple locations and external partners. Make informed decisions regarding ordering, pricing, promotions, inventory, overhead, with up-to-date information from the entire extended enterprise.

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Omni-channel success

According to Retailing Today* “E-commerce is getting bigger, not going away, but it’s not putting a stake in the heart of stores either. Instead, as retailers learn more about how to move toward true omni-channel integration, the physical presence and the online presence will be more intertwined. Previous years’ rampant fears about ‘showrooming’ are giving way to success stories around leveraging stores in support of omni-channel strategies.”

Cloud-based, comprehensive, Integrated information systems like Acumatica deliver the platform for omni-channel success:

  • Build customer loyalty and deliver personalized service with a 360-degree view of all customer transactions and interactions across all channels.
  • Employ the flexible foundation and tools necessary to stay ahead and focus on customer service, cost management, and profitability.
  • Manage all store Operations including POS, CRM, inventory control, and employee management applications.
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple channels – online search, online e-tail, telephone sales, site-to-store ordering and fulfillment, brick-and-mortar retail sales.
  • *Top 5 retail trends to watch in 2015, Jess Dankert,, January 10, 2015

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