3 Obstacles to B2B and D2C Sales—And How Technology Can Help

Acumatica Cloud ERP System

Acumatica and Avalara work together to help manufacturers build successful B2B and D2C sales.

3 Obstacles to B2B and D2C Sales—And How Technology Can Help
“Avalara’s tax compliance automation solution and Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP platform can help you overcome the three main challenges to B2B and D2C sales: they help you stay tax compliant, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and seamlessly scale business operations.”

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the many upheavals and disruptions it brought, manufacturers have devised new ways to stay profitable. For many, this has meant expanding into business-to-business (B2B) and direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales channels.

These moves have opened a whole new world of possibilities for today’s manufacturers. But they’ve also created new challenges. As eCommerce has boomed, tax laws have become increasingly complex. Customers now have high standards for convenient, simple, and personalized omnichannel experiences. And aging technology is becoming a liability for swiftly diversifying companies.

The good news is, these challenges are exactly what Acumatica and Avalara were built to handle.

Download this guide to learn how Acumatica Cloud ERP paired with Avalara’s tax compliance software can help you:

  • Help ensure tax compliance for the fluctuating and complex world of eCommerce.
  • Deliver exceptional customer service and meet shifting expectations.
  • Seamlessly scale business operations with multiple sales channels and target customers.

Manufacturers rely on Acumatica and Avalara to take the pain out of marketplace and regulatory uncertainties, make the possible achievable, and set them up for future omnichannel success.

Come see how we’ll help you do the same. Read the guide today!

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