Empower your sales, service, and marketing teams with real-time visibility, seamless processes, and business insights at their fingertips—so they can wow customers and deliver results.
  • 360-degree view of the entire business
  • Empower your customers through online portals
  • Take a team approach to sales and service
  • Respond to customers from anywhere, on any device
  • Seamless integration with Outlook, Salesforce, and more
  • Track performance and spend on one screen
  • Leverage the automation of embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning

What is Acumatica CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management was built into Acumatica from the beginning, and our Customer Management Suite includes web-based CRM applications for managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and customer accounts.

Create service orders from CRM cases, manage project sales with CRM opportunities, see contracts in customer accounts, and convert prospects into customers, vendors, and other record types in the system.

Acumatica provides a consolidated view of all customer records in a single database, so every member of your team has a 360-degree view of all customer activities and records, and management has real-time insight into performance.

360-Degree View
Efficiency & Automation
Powerful Integrations
360-Degree View

Insights at your fingertips

With Acumatica CRM, get an integrated view of financials, marketing, sales, and service. See real-time lead analysis to learn which customers are most profitable, or view lead response time metrics to guide marketing personnel.

Stay on top of campaign expenses

Track expenses and revenue related to a marketing campaign with the Acumatica Project Accounting module.

Quick access to important activities

Pin important activities for cases, opportunities, and leads, such as emails, tasks, notes, or phone calls, to the top of the activities list so users can quickly access and keep track of them.

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Customer Relationship Management - Acumatica Cloud ERP - 360-Degree View
Efficiency & Automation

Responsive service

Respond rapidly to customers’ requests at any point in the sales cycle – from first contact, through sales and fulfillment, billing, and after-sales service requests.

AI-powered automation

Use artificial intelligence with machine learning to capture business card contacts using mobile image recognition. Lookup and validate addresses using Google and Bing address services.

Eliminate manual processes

Easily update quotes or create multiple quotes for a single opportunity, and automatically generate sales orders and invoices based on the quote. Create and manage events on one screen with the event side panel. Eliminate redundant records automatically. Leverage user-defined fields to create custom fields to search, find, and filter records.

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Efficiency & Automation
Powerful Integrations

CRM add-In for Microsoft Outlook

The Acumatica add-in works with incoming and outgoing email in Outlook. It searches for existing leads, contacts, and employees in CRM and then allows 1-click access to an existing contact. You can also create new leads, contacts, opportunities, or cases right from your Inbox.

Real-time synchronization with Salesforce

If you’re used to working in Salesforce as the CRM system of record, no problem. Acumatica ERP supports bi-directional real-time synchronization of data between Acumatica ERP and Salesforce CRM, allowing for simultaneous work in both systems.

HubSpot Connector

Acumatica’s HubSpot Connector enables you to create, launch, and manage integrated marketing campaigns in a future-proof centralized platform. You can synchronize contacts, transfer campaign results, and initiate follow-up sales calls—automatically.

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Customer Relationship Management - Acumatica Cloud ERP - Powerful Integrations

Cloud solutions built to industry specifications

See how Acumatica Industry Editions address the unique needs and processes of rapid-growth sectors:
Successful residential and commercial contractors face a variety of industry and competitive challenges. The combination of project control and construction…
Distributors of any size face many of the same global challenges, but also have unique needs for their individual markets.…
ERP and CRM working together to support all major business areas in most manufacturing modes. Flexible manufacturing planning and shop…
Multi-channel retail and eCommerce software solution for small and midsized companies that improves the in-store experience and automates how online…
Service Industries
Service Industries
Whether you specialize in long-term, complex projects or short turnaround jobs, you succeed by acquiring and maintaining clients while ensuring…
Other Industries
Other Industries
Companies in all industries have realized the value of ERP+CRM working together for companywide automation and information. Cloud ERP maximizes…

From Our Customers

"With Acumatica, one of the big changes is that we can now track a lead to a customer with all the associated notes along the way so we can capture that information. With better information and improved reporting, we’re expecting to see better sales results and improved customer retention."
Scott McCalla, Chief Strategy Officer
International Pipe & Supply, LLC

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