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Acumatica Cloud ERP - Partners
Acumatica Cloud ERP - Partners
Acumatica Cloud ERP - Partners
Acumatica Cloud ERP - Partners
Acumatica Cloud ERP - Partners
Acumatica Cloud ERP - Partners
Acumatica Cloud ERP - Partners
Why Our VARs Love Acumatica

Partner with the only cloud ERP that won’t compete with you for sales

We know it’s not easy being a software channel partner. You’re trying to fill your portfolio with a broad enough array of products to meet every realistic client need. But the more products you add, the more time and resources you’ll have to invest in training your staff—and the lower your ROI from each vendor relationship.

That’s why you should consider working with us. Acumatica Cloud ERP is designed to give your customers the powerful core ERP functionality and flexible technology they’re looking for—but without all the complexity of most ERP solutions. That could mean faster time to first sale, higher recurring revenues, and lower customer support fees for your business.

But that’s not even the best of it. What’s the first thing you should know about becoming an Acumatica channel partner?
We won’t compete with you. Ever.
We won’t compete with you. Ever.

Become a Reseller for the Only Cloud ERP Vendor That Doesn’t Compete with Its Partners

If you’re an ERP software reseller, you’re probably frustrated—and we know why.

Every vendor you’ve ever become a reseller for has competed with you. They’ve welcomed you to the family, assigned you a point of contact, provided product training, explained their margin policy—and then used their own sales staff to close the deals you should be closing.

Because the vendor’s sales staff works directly for the vendor, they can offer price reductions and special package deals you can’t match. They also have access to far greater sales resources than you.

All things being equal, what prospect wouldn’t prefer to buy directly from the vendor rather than a third party? The deck is always stacked against you.

It’s different when you become a reseller for Acumatica. We won’t compete with you—ever.

How do you know can you trust us? It’s simple: we have no sales force.

That’s right: there’s no such thing as an Acumatica sales rep. Or to put it another way, the closest thing there is to an Acumatica sales rep is a hard-working VAR like you.

From our founding, we made the bold decision to do 100 percent of our sales through partners. It’s a decision that has paid off for us as well as our partners. You get peace of mind that we won’t undercut you on price (because we can’t). And we get the advantage of selling through a broad and diverse network of partners who can reach customers we would otherwise have difficulty reaching.

Selling software is your game. We’re here to help you win it.

By now, you’re probably wondering, “What’s the catch when I become a reseller? Do you offer really low payouts?”

Let’s talk about Acumatica’s highly competitive profit margins for VARs.

You’ll earn big margins. You’ll earn big margins.

Earn Generous Profit Margins—and Other Financial Benefits—as an Acumatica VAR

We’ve already mentioned that when you become an Acumatica VAR, Acumatica won’t compete with you for sales. We can’t—we have no sales force.

By now, you’re probably thinking that if we don’t compete with you, we must make our profit by offering really tight margins, right?

Wrong. Acumatica offers some of the most generous reseller margins in the cloud ERP software industry. As an Acumatica VAR, you can count on higher starting margins that you’re used to getting from other vendors.

We’ll also reward you for taking good care of the customers who are so valuable to us both. Acumatica offers generous recurring revenue on annual cloud ERP subscriptions.

These are just a couple of the financial benefits you’ll enjoy as an Acumatica VAR. You can also count on:

  • No initiation fees. There’s no charge to get started as an Acumatica VAR. That means you’ll save $7,500 – $14,000 in startup fees that you can use to build your Acumatica practice.
  • No annual fees. You’ll continue to save thousands of dollars every year you remain a partner.
  • Low startup and training costs. Acumatica cloud ERP is built on the Windows Server, .NET, and SQL Server technology you already know. The platform offers familiar core ERP features. This means your application consultants and technical staff will quickly learn how to sell, demo, modify, and support Acumatica.
  • A steady stream of sales leads. We distribute 100% of the leads we generate to partners like you.
  • A free license for internal use. We want you to have the best cloud ERP software as you support your customers—so we give you ours.
  • Free test and demo licenses. We know you’ll want to have Acumatica at your fingertips as you train your staff, make presentations to potential customers, and develop new capabilities within the platform. That’s why we give you free licenses for these purposes.
  • Less unbillable time. All those hours you’re spending providing tech support to your customers probably aren’t billable. If your customers run Acumatica at our hosted location, you’ll most likely reduce your unbillable support costs.

That’s what we can do for your bottom line. What can we do for your customers?

We deliver serious cloud ERP functionality.

Give Your Customers the ERP Features They Need: Acumatica Reseller Program

Small companies that don’t mind staying small run their businesses on accounting programs and spreadsheets. Your customers want more—and you’re focused on helping them get it.

That’s why you recommend ERP to customers that have exceeded a certain size. In Acumatica’s reseller program, you can easily meet the ERP functionality needs of all your customers—whether they’re still hungry startups or more established midsized companies.

Our reseller program gives you access to robust ERP modules and industry editions such as:

  • Financial Management. Provide online accounting functionality that easily scales up to global financial management as your customers grow and thrive.
  • Customer Management. Enable your customers to manage leads, contacts, and opportunities—and to deploy post-sales service and customer portals to improve the total customer experience.
  • Project Accounting. Give your customers a view of the actual costs of internal or external projects, and let them manage budgeting, time sheets, project inventory, and complex billing.
  • Manufacturing Edition. Empower your customers to coordinate multi-plant activities in real time with integrated production planning, materials purchasing, shop floor scheduling, customer management, inventory, purchasing, and accounting.
  • Distribution Edition. Let your customers manage quotes and orders, track inventory, automate purchasing, and improve customer service online while they gain visibility across their entire organization.
  • Reporting, Dashboards, and Data Analysis. Give customers greater insights into their business performance by letting them easily generate reports and analyze trends in real time.
  • Construction Edition. Help your customers in the construction industry improve margins and project control from estimating through closeout.
  • Retail-Commerce Edition. Empower your clients to deliver a consistent customer experience across all their sales channels, with full integration between their online, mobile, and in-store service.

Join Our Reseller Program, Impress Your Clients

Acumatica cloud ERP doesn’t just offer broad and deep functionality. Our platform is designed to look good and handle well.

Once you’ve joined our reseller program, you’ll be able to present cloud ERP demos that catch your customers’ eyes and keep their attention. Your customers will appreciate Acumatica’s mobile capabilities, intuitive dashboards, and real-time reporting.

And when you tell them about our pricing policies, they’ll be eager to sign up. Acumatica charges a subscription fee based on the computing resources your customers use—not the number of users they add. Got a small, fast-growing customer with lots of part-time users? They’ll be delighted that they can add people to the system without busting their technology budget.

We’re confident that joining our reseller program will make you look good in front of your customers. Acumatica can even meet the needs of your most demanding clients.

You can extend our platform to delight your customers.

How Acumatica Partners Can Extend the Platform to Meet Customer Needs

Got customers with complex business processes? Need to develop solutions that can support your clients as they grow? Acumatica partners can take advantage of a highly flexible platform as they develop functionality to meet the specific needs of their most demanding clients. As an Acumatica VAR, you’ll have these same capabilities at your fingertips.

When you create custom solutions for your customers, you can rely on:

  • Standard web technology. Acumatica applications are built on the industry-standard Microsoft .NET platform—not some proprietary technology your staff will have to learn from scratch. You can modify our applications with standard Microsoft tools your team already uses every day. Dazzle your customers with your ability to modify the Acumatica interface and generate customized reports and dashboards.
  • Access to source code. Want to customize or develop ISV solutions for your clients? We give Acumatica partners full access to the source code of Acumatica business applications.
  • Prebuilt integrations. Acumatica customers rely on a wide range of niche solutions to support their unique business activities. That’s why we offer a host of prebuilt integrations to leading solutions. You and your team will save hours of development time by connecting customers’ solutions to Acumatica right out of the box.
  • An expansive API network. We’re living in a multicloud world. Use Acumatica’s REST and contract-based APIs to integrate Acumatica with your customers’ other cloud solutions, enabling seamless business processes.
  • Development partners. Need to deliver a solution that’s beyond your current bandwidth or technical capabilities? We can put you in touch with just the right development partners who can help you deliver a custom solution.

Of course, even when you can meet all of your customers’ functionality and integration requirements, they’re going to want to deploy their cloud ERP solution exactly the way they want and have total flexibility in how they use it. We’ve got you covered there, too….

You can deploy however your customers want.

Why Acumatica Resellers Offer the Industry’s Most Flexible Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP is all over the news nowadays. The benefits are no longer a secret to Acumatica resellers and customers alike: lower up-front costs, lower ongoing maintenance costs, easy access through any web browser, and the freedom to cancel the subscription whenever you want.

But now that cloud ERP is an established technology, you’ve probably noticed that customers are getting more demanding. They want the freedom to deploy where they want. They want control over their data and their upgrades. And they want flexibility in how they pay for the solution.

That’s why we’re happy to present Acumatica resellers with a cloud ERP platform that’s flexible enough to meet just about any customer requirement. Join our team, and you’ll be able to offer your customers a solution that provides:

  • Freedom of deployment. Acumatica is the only cloud ERP that can be deployed in public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises. Your customers can even start with one type of deployment and move to another as their needs change. For example, they might decide to access Acumatica in the public cloud at first but then move their implementation in-house as they grow.
  • Flexible licensing. Paying a yearly subscription works well for many companies—but some of your customers will want to own their cloud ERP outright. Acumatica lets you offer both options.
  • No per-user pricing. Most ERP solutions charge customers a fee based on the number of users who will be accessing the system. This pricing model makes no sense for cloud ERP software, which isn’t installed on individual computers. That’s why Acumatica licensing is based on resource usage. This means that the more users your customers add as they grow, the lower their costs will be per user.
  • Total control over data. With Acumatica, your customers can decide where their data will be located. They can also easily make a copy and move it to another location whenever they need.
  • Total control over upgrades. Most ERP vendors—even in the cloud—force customers to upgrade on a rigid schedule. Acumatica is different. We let your customers choose when, and if, they want to upgrade.

Join our team of Acumatica resellers, and you’ll have fewer and fewer clients ruling you out solely on the basis of deployment options. Once they go live, you’ll have greater recurring revenues in the future….

Your customers will be highly likely to renew.

Earning Recurring Revenues as an Acumatica Cloud ERP VAR

It used to be that the biggest responsibility of an ERP VAR was to guide customers through the lengthy process of implementing an on-premise ERP system. The VAR would make its profit based on the purchase price plus the consulting fees it could charge.

Times have changed. More and more businesses of all sizes are turning to cloud ERP because they’re hoping for a smaller up-front investment, faster implementation time, and greater ease of access. This means that as an ERP VAR, your strategy for building your business has to change.

You’re looking for a cloud ERP that your customers will adopt quickly and want to continue using for years to come. That way, you can keep earning recurring revenues each year. As an Acumatica Cloud ERP VAR, you’ll quickly see why we’re the fastest-growing cloud ERP for midsized businesses.

Acumatica will give your customers:

  • The #1 cloud ERP for usability. In Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large and Global Enterprises (2018), Acumatica ranked highest for usability. We also earned the highest usability rating in the Nucleus Research ERP Technology Value Matrix 2018.
  • The #1 cloud ERP for customer satisfaction. In the G2Crowd User Satisfaction Ratings 2018, Acumatica ranked highest in customer satisfaction.
  • A modern architecture. Too many so-called cloud ERP systems are simply legacy systems built on outdated technology but offered through a cloud delivery model. Acumatica is different. Our platform was built from the ground up for the cloud. This means we can keep adapting our solution as your customers’ needs change.
  • Continuous innovation. Acumatica never stops adding new features and enhancing our technology. In fact, about 80 percent of our company works in research and development. We’re looking for ways to get the most out of machine learning, natural language processing, and other emerging technologies—and we’ll make our innovations available to your customers.

The bottom line? Your customers will never have to worry about getting “stuck” on Acumatica—and neither will you.

Your future looks bright as an Acumatica Cloud ERP VAR. But how quickly can you make your first sale?

We’ll help you make that first sale quickly.

Make Your First Sale Quickly as an Acumatica Cloud ERP Partner

Becoming an ERP partner is often the easy part. But making that first sale can take a year or more—which forces you to invest a great deal of time and effort before you get any payback on your investment.

What’s the reason for these delays? Most ERP products are complex because they’re designed to streamline and automate highly complex business processes. Just learning these products well enough to sell them takes many months for busy salespeople who are already working full-time to sell other products.

Acumatica Cloud ERP is different. Although it’s a powerful platform that can scale to meet the needs of growing businesses, it’s designed to be as simple as possible. As an Acumatica Cloud ERP partner, you’ll be able to get your salespeople up to speed on our platform much more quickly than you’re used to. That means the revenues will start coming sooner rather than later.

To speed your time to that first sale, Acumatica provides resellers with some of the best resources in the industry:

  • Free pre-sales resources. That first sale is the hardest one to make. We’ll support you with training resources that help you demo Acumatica effectively.
  • A comprehensive enablement program. We’ve designed an entire curriculum that’s focused on your sales success. You’ll get up to speed quickly and work at your own pace.
  • Partner Portal. Every Acumatica ERP partner has access to Partner Portal—an online one-stop shop for self-paced training videos, demo scripts, marketing materials, and pricing information.
  • Implementation assistance. When you land that first customer, you won’t be on your own. Acumatica provides you with the technical assistance you need to get them up and running quickly and smoothly.
  • Free ongoing technical support. We’ll provide the technical know-how to keep your customers happy—because they’re our customers, too.
  • Acumatica Summit. Our annual conference is more than just a chance to network with other customers and celebrate our shared success. It’s also a week filled with helpful training sessions that can accelerate your time to reaching your sales goals with Acumatica.

Of course, we won’t forget you after that first sale. We’ll continue to partner with you to build your business….

We’ll support you as you grow your business.

Ongoing Partner Support for Acumatica ERP Resellers

Most ERP resellers have had this feeling before: you’re welcomed as a new partner, receive lots of encouragement up front, and hear lots of congratulations once you’ve made your first sale. But after a while, you begin to feel like just another face in the crowd.

But that’s not the worst of it. Many ERP vendors will actually compete with you for sales, favoring their own sales teams as a way of avoiding paying you your margins.

Acumatica is different. Remember: since we have no sales force of our own, ERP resellers like you are our only sales reps. Your success is our success!

That’s why our Partner Program provides you with contacts and resources that will help you continue to grow your business far beyond that first sale.

Like all Acumatica Cloud ERP resellers, you can take advantage of:

  • Clear certification requirements. Tired of being told by your ERP vendor that you can’t get certified because you haven’t made enough sales? Acumatica awards badges based on what you know, not what you sell. You’ll always be clear on what you have to do to get certified as a business consultant, sales consultant, pre-sales engineer, system administrator, or technical specialist.
  • Partner Account Managers. When you need advice or run into a challenge, you won’t have to dial a call center and wait on hold. You’ll be able to call your dedicated Partner Account Manager for personal attention. These professionals are here to serve you and your customers in any way possible. They’ll provide product collateral, help you run demos, or give you whatever else you need as you sell Acumatica solutions.
  • Access to executives. Although we’re the fastest-growing cloud ERP, we’re not so big that our executives don’t have time for you. In fact, they’re eager to hear your input on how we can grow our business in ways that help you grow yours. Whether you’re at our annual Acumatica Summit or back in the office, we’ll do our best to make our top executives available to you.
  • Monthly partner newsletters and marketing enablement calls. We’ll keep you informed of all the great news, tools, and campaigns we’re creating for you.

We hate to brag, but Acumatica ERP resellers know why CRN has given our Partner Program a “5 Star” rating two years in a row.

Best of all, if you’re serious about joining us, it’s surprisingly easy to get started…

It’s easy to apply and get started.

VAR Partnership Survey

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Acumatica team as a Value Added Reseller. As an Acumatica VAR, you are our only sales channel, so making sure that we have a good match is vitally important.

At this point, you have probably explored our website and have learned quite a lot about us. In return, we’d like to get to know a bit more about you.

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It’s easy to apply and get started

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Acumatica team as a Value Added Reseller. As an Acumatica VAR, you are our only sales channel, so making sure that we have a good match is vitally important.

At this point, you have probably explored our website and have learned quite a lot about us. In return, we’d like to get to know a bit more about you.

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