Sales & Marketing Lead
Sales & Marketing Lead

Optimize performance and drive revenue

Acumatica’s combined ERP and CRM platform delivers real-time, anywhere access to insights about your team, a 360-degree view of customers, and actionable insights into your bottom line to turn opportunity into revenue faster.

Business management software that keeps the pipeline full and conversions high

VP of Sales, Marketing Director, Sales and Marketing Manager

Sales and marketing leaders are directly responsible for driving company revenue. As such, they must make the most of the time and talent they have. In addition, they need to quickly assess how teams are performing across the entire product line and a wide range of initiatives. Customer relationship management (CRM) was built into Acumatica’s Cloud ERP platform from the beginning. Embedded CRM empowers leaders with real-time insights into sales and marketing performance and customer behaviors, so they can know what investments are paying off and why. Acumatica also makes it easy to automate manual sales processes so the team can be more efficient both at the office or in the field. Marketing and sales teams need real-time information to generate leads and close more business.

Key KPIs for Sales & Marketing Leaders to Monitor

  • Prospect to opportunity conversion
  • % opportunities closed
  • Average % discounting
  • Revenue/salesperson
  • Profitability/salesperson
  • Revenue/region
  • Profitability/region
  • Fastest moving items
  • Marketing campaign results (# of leads)

Acumatica Key Benefits For Sales & Marketing Leaders

Know your customers and their essential information
  • Use Acumatica’s CRM to track customer histories from first contact to final delivery and more, including quotes, sales history, problem issues, delivery, and service.
  • Calculate the cost of customer interactions through Acumatica’s ERP functions.
  • Identify problem areas in the sales cycles where prospects abandon the sale.
Provide accurate price quotes and deliver dates
  • Leverage Acumatica’s integrated ERP and CRM functions to provide flexible pricing, contact management, real-time availability of product inventory, and credit checks at order time.
See what’s working and why
  • Determine the effectiveness of marketing activities, including advertising, promotions, social media, and public relations.
  • Use Acumatica’s integrated CRM and ERP to track all marketing activities and costs.
  • Link qualified leads to sales and determine the actual cost per lead.
  • Leverage business intelligence to determine optimal marketing campaigns, high-value prospects, and fast-moving items.
Create templates to drive team efficiency
  • Leverage Acumatica’s collaboration tools to develop templates for sales orders, quotes, proposals, and other records that sales staff can access and modify quickly from the office or their mobile device.
  • Integrate costs associated with deliverables automatically, including margins, commissions, and discounts.
Support a mobile workforce
  • Keep productivity high by offering staff online access to up-to-date information from anywhere, on any device. All screens display the same content and automatically resize to fit any device.
  • Build custom mobile apps to extend Acumatica’s functionality.

Why Acumatica?

Acumatica is the fastest growing Cloud ERP company for 6 years and counting because we put our customers’ needs first:

Real-time insights
Future-proof platform
Customer-friendly licensing
Real-time insights

The information you need, anytime, anywhere, on any device

Acumatica’s Cloud ERP helps improve day-to-day operations with 24/7 access to business tools and functions. Manage your business, review all customer interactions, and obtain proactive business reports and insights from any web-enabled device.

Real-time insights
Future-proof platform

Single data model, flexible deployments, streamlined integrations

Shared data and cross-team workflows make collaboration seamless, and AI-powered automation drives efficiency. Acumatica is ranked highest in customer experience and product usability, and our platform integrates easily with the tools you already use.

Future-proof platform
Customer-friendly licensing

Only pay for the functionality you need and the resources you use

Acumatica offers flexible licensing plans and transparent pricing, and we don’t charge extra to add users. Like an electric meter, customers only pay for the computing power they consume. As your business needs to scale up or down based on market changes or seasonal requirements, Acumatica scales with you, ensuring you only pay for what you need, as you need it.

See what Acumatica can do for you.