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Business management software that keeps the pipeline full and conversions high

Your title may be VP of Sales, Marketing Director, or Sales and Marketing Manager, but you are in charge of the company’s sales and marketing functions. Your efforts drive company revenue, so it’s important that you make the most of the time and talent you have available. You need to see how well you and your team are performing across your entire product line.

Your Responsibilities

You oversee the company’s information technology and are responsible for: 

  • Maintaining a database of contacts and tracking all sales activities.
  • Marketing to prospects and producing Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).
  • Marketing leads over to sale representatives once leads are qualified.
  • Completing sales qualification and converting MQLs to SQLs.
  • Taking and writing contracts and ensuring final delivery.
  • Tracking marketing campaign costs.
  • Integrating leads with a marketing automation system for email marketing.
  • Creating quotes, proposals, and orders easily—even remotely.
  • Seeing all customer history, including current/prior quotes, service issues, and sales history in real-time.

That is why a combined ERP and CRM system is important – whether you are in sales, marketing, sales support, or finance. You need real-time access to information about your staff and your customers at all times.

Here is how Acumatica can assist you and your staff:

Focus Areas How Acumatica Can Help
Know your customers and their important information
  • Use Acumatica’s CRM to track customer histories from first contact to final delivery and more, including quotes, sales history, problem issues, delivery, and service.
  • Calculate the cost of customer interactions through Acumatica’s ERP functions.
  • Identify problem areas in the sales cycles where prospects abandon the sale.
Provide accurate price quotes and deliver dates for product or services
  • Leverage Acumatica’s integrated ERP and CRM functions to provide flexible pricing, contact management, real-time availability of product inventory, and credit checks at order time.
Determine the effectiveness of marketing activities, including advertising, promotions, social media, and public relations activities.
  • Use Acumatica’s integrated CRM and ERP to track all marketing activities and costs.
  • Link qualified leads to sales and determine the true cost per lead.
  • Leverage business intelligence to determine optimal marketing campaigns, high value prospects, and fast moving items.
Create templates for sales orders, quotes, and proposals for access by your sales staff
  • Leverage Acumatica’s collaboration tools to record templates that sales staff can easily access and modify – even remotely.
  • Integrate costs associated with deliverables automatically, including margins, commissions, and discounts.
Support a mobile workforce
  • Keep productivity high by offering staff online access to up-to-date information from anywhere using any device at any time. All screens display the same content and automatically resize to fit any device.
  • Build your own custom mobile apps to extend Acumatica’s functionality.

KPIs to establish and monitor:

  • Prospect to opportunity conversion
  • % opportunities closed
  • Average % discounting
  • Revenue/salesperson
  • Profitability/salesperson
  • Revenue/region
  • Profitability/region
  • Fastest moving items
  • Marketing campaign results (# of leads)

Why Acumatica?

Acumatica is an integrated financial and business management solution that helps businesses run more effectively. Acumatica provides the tools and resources you need to manage your company’s sales and marketing functions.

  • One system that integrates your company’s financial management, operations, and CRM
  • Built using reliable, industry standard technology
  • Run on premise or in the cloud
  • Charged by the resources needed, not per user

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