QuickBooks vs Acumatica

Take your business to the next level with Acumatica

So many businesses like yours are moving from QuickBooks to Acumatica as they grow. Our comprehensive cloud-based solution not only handles your accounting but also helps you manage all your financial and operational needs.

Wouldn't it be nice to have...

  • All your data in one place?
  • More features that you use and love?

Acumatica understands your industry-specific challenges and is designed to meet your real-world needs—letting you customize important functions, so you have control over what you want to see and show on your screen. Acumatica empowers you to solve problems and be more efficient, enabling your business to grow on your terms and reach new heights.

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Signs that you're outgrowing QuickBooks

Inability to scale with your business
Frequent manual input and process inefficiency
Not tailored for industry-specific functions
Lacking actionable insights
Disjointed business systems and data silos
GAAP, IFRS, industry compliance risks
Real customers with real results

Real customers with real results

Our QuickBooks graduates are becoming more efficient.
Here are some examples:

90% less time
to gather data
80% less time
to complete quarterly statements
5 fewer people
to process the same number of orders
40% less time
to process shipping
7 hours saved
per day on invoicing
5 days saved
to close books

Why Acumatica Cloud ERP solution?

Robust Accounting Features

QuickBooks fulfills the basic accounting needs of fledgling businesses, but as your company grows, your financial requirements become more complex. Acumatica specializes in and delivers the core accounting features you need to run your business, like general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and bank feeds. But it also provides advanced functionalities designed to grow with you.

  • Tax Management – secure flexible tax reporting, handle sales tax exemption certificates, streamline tax zone reporting, and gain a complete audit trail.
  • Payroll Management – easily set overtime rules, manage deductions and benefits, set up pay groups and employee classes, and define earning type codes.
  • Global Accounting – use multiple base currencies, manage multicurrency pricing, and automate buy/sell relationships between entities across borders.

Acumatica also provides Deferred Revenue Accounting, Fixed Assets Management, Recurring Revenue Management, and more.

Intercompany Accounting

As your business grows and expands locally and globally, you will need to manage multiple entities, currencies, and localizations simultaneously. To achieve this, you want a centralized system that goes beyond just accounting to integrate all your business operations. This keeps all your teams connected to the same set of real-time financial and operational data, fostering companywide collaboration and informed decision-making.

Multi-Entity and Intercompany Accounting allows you to centralize purchasing, invoicing, and reporting for multiple businesses and teams, automatically allocate accounting transactions among companies, and link bank accounts to specific companies for their exclusive use.

Real-Time Reporting

Acumatica offers a collection of financial reporting and analytic resources that goes far beyond balance sheets and cash flow statements, enabling you to see the health of your company at a glance and quickly spot good or bad trends. Acumatica has a full set of essential reports that can be used out-of-the-box to access real-time data from the system. Easily modify reports, create new reports, and generate pivot tables, directly within Acumatica.

Mobile App

Acumatica’s native mobile app boosts productivity by providing 24/7 remote access to ERP data on iOS and Android devices, allowing users to view accounts, manage approvals, start field service appointments, capture field reports, and retrieve real-time information. You can quickly check order statuses, review stocking levels by warehouse, and manage your business by exception. The app also supports capturing expense receipts, time entries, and electronic signatures on the go—all from a customizable mobile workspace with widgets, favorites, and KPIs to meet individual user needs and priorities.


Acumatica has an integrated CRM solution for managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and more. Having all accounting, marketing, sales, billing, and financial data in a unified database enables businesses to make better decisions with a single, accurate set of real-time data. With an integrated CRM-ERP solution, every aspect of the customer’s journey is connected to this same dataset, providing businesses with an instant, 360° view of all customer information.

Industry Editions

Since QuickBooks only handles basic accounting, you may be using other industry-specific systems alongside it. Acumatica offers built-in, industry-specific capabilities, eliminating the need to work with disparate systems and data. Here are some examples of the industries we specialize in:

  • Manufacturing: Supports multiple manufacturing methodologies, including make-to stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project-centric, job shop, batch, and repetitive manufacturing.
  • Construction: Tracks projects in real-time, eliminates costly delays, automates workflows to increase collaboration, streamlines communication, and allows for the whole team to log on anytime, from anywhere.
  • Distribution: Extensive suite of connected distribution applications for sales, inventory, purchasing, and warehouse management.
  • Retail: System for inventory accuracy, omnichannel fulfillment, perfect order rates, and seamless customer communication.


Focusing on your experience, we designed Acumatica to be customizable to fit the way you do business. This includes personalizing user views and allowing each person to tailor their Acumatica experience based on their roles and needs.


Ease of Integrations

Acumatica unifies your financial and operational data, providing a single platform for growth and scale. With QuickBooks, you have to tack on additional software packages to get this extended functionality. With Acumatica, it’s all built in, so you can do more with less software.

In addition to Acumatica’s built-in advanced accounting, CRM, inventory and warehouse management, and billing solutions, our open cloud platform seamlessly integrates with hundreds of third-party applications. This gives you even more freedom to extend and customize the platform to meet your unique needs with integrated solutions and services from our technology partners. It also provides you with the flexibility to retain your preferred functions within your existing software stack.

How Acumatica supports your growth journey

QuickBooks vs Acumatica
QuickBooks vs Acumatica
Acumatica helps QuickBooks graduate drive positive cashflow
In this webinar recording, the COO/CFO of Phoenix Renovation and Restoration, a QuickBooks graduate and Acumatica user, shares his company’s journey to achieving consistent positive cash flow and operational efficiency after adopting Acumatica.
Real customers with real results

Awards, recognition, and reviews

Acumatica is recognized as one of the best ERP software products on the market by leading industry organizations, publications, and our customers.

G2 Mid-Market Leader Summer 2024
Crozdesk Leader 2024 Badge
Trust Radius
Software Reviews Champion
Stratus Award 2023

Key features comparison

FEATURES QuickBooks Acumatica
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
General Ledger
Cash Management
Job Costing
Project Accounting
Embedded Payroll Management
Fixed Asset Management
Intercompany Accounting
Embedded CRM
User-Defined Workflows
Customizable, Role-Based Dashboards
Dynamic Reporting
Document Management
Open APIs and Web Services Integrations
Industry-Specific Functionalities

Mobile Device Access (anywhere, anytime) 1.

Data Security (Own your own data)

Unlimited Users

1. Mobile access is only available with QuickBooks Online versions.

Go beyond basic financials and get the capabilities and industry-specific functionality you need to succeed.