Acumatica Construction Edition for Concrete, Foundation, and Paving Contractors

This Industry Digest provides deep insights into how concrete, foundation, and paving businesses can overcome industry challenges, take advantage of market opportunities, and drive growth with construction-centric technology.

How Concrete, Foundation, and Paving Contractors Can Achieve Construction Project Success
Acumatica Construction Edition gives concrete, foundation, and paving contractors a complete solution to support their unique needs. Industry-specific challenges like project timing, workforce management, risk management, and quality control are conquered with a single point of entry for all data. Everyone sees the same information, speeding up the time it takes to react and come to a resolution.”

Concrete, foundation, and paving contractors know far too well the challenge of getting projects in on time while also managing workforce, quality, and safety concerns. The aging and disconnected systems they’ve used for decades are no longer credible solutions for managing construction projects in today’s complex, digital, and evolving marketplace. That’s why most of today’s construction professionals are looking to modern, modular, and adaptable business management applications as their one tool for handling every construction project detail.

Concrete, foundation, and paving specialists can use this Industry Digest to learn:

  • How much the concrete and paving contractors’ market is expected to grow.
  • What challenges they—as specialty contractors—are facing.
  • What cross-industry opportunities exist (and how a modular ERP platform provides the agility they need to snatch them up).
  • Which vital features the right construction ERP solution should provide.

After reading this Industry Digest, concrete, foundation, and paving contractors will have discovered why customers like Graham Leonard, CFO & Operations Manager, Dukathole Group, have this to say about Acumatica: “Acumatica really is an all-in-one, adaptable solution that quickly enables everything you need to run your business. And it is effortless to use.” Download this free resource to learn more about Acumatica Construction Edition today.

This Industry Digest is offered by Acumatica, a leading provider of cloud business management software that gives mid-sized companies a complete, real-time view of their businesses—anytime, anywhere.

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