ERP Vendor Selection Criteria: Top 10 Things for Distributors to Look For

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Acumatica Evaluated Against Top 10 ERP Vendor Selection Criteria for Distributors
“Start by asking a different set of questions: What new capabilities does your organization need and want? What problems are you trying to solve? What do you want your core processes to look like? How can new tools enable your organization’s digital transformation?”

Analysts at Ultra Consultants have identified the most important ERP vendor selection criteria for distribution companies. Get the whole list—as well as best practices, expert advice, and pitfalls to avoid—in a report that’s designed to enhance and accelerate your product research process.

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In this report, you’ll discover:

  • Five best practices for ERP vendor selection.
  • The most important ERP vendor selection criteria.
  • Lessons learned from the pandemic—and smart changes to make.
  • What sets Acumatica apart from other ERP vendors.
  • Five mistakes that derail ERP software selection.

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