Acumatica's Configure-to-Order Manufacturing

This Multi-Modal Industry Digest walks manufacturers through the features and functionalities of Acumatica’s ERP platform designed for configure-to-order manufacturing.

Fuel Growth with a Modern ERP Platform Designed for Configure-to-Order Manufacturing
“Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems [like Acumatica] are essential for configure-to-order manufacturers. Without ERP, product configuration is disconnected from items, bills of materials, prices, operations, and other data required by the CPQ engine to create finished goods. Connected CPQ and ERP applications streamline the sales process, boosting revenue and improving the customer experience.”

Unlike manufacturers in the past, today’s manufacturers have access to technology that enables them to give consumers the personalized products they want. Products like kitchen cabinets, home furnishings, medical devices, and more can be customized to fit each customer’s unique needs. This is known as configure-price-quote (CPQ). With Acumatica’s modern ERP platform, configure-to-order (CTO) manufacturing is possible with a connected CPQ application for advanced configuration functionality, matrix items, and a native, rules-based product configurator application.

This Multi-Modal Industry Brief provides CTO manufacturers with:

  • Deep insights into configure-to-order manufacturing and how to choose the right ERP solution to manage variable products.
  • The key features of the right CPQ application.
  • A comprehensive and interactive Manufacturing ERP Evaluation Checklist.
  • The benefits of utilizing a flexible ERP system for CTO manufacturing.

And CTO manufacturers will learn how Acumatica and its native product configurator helped Curran Home—a luxury outdoor furniture and flooring online retailer—manage its complex operations efficiently. Peter Bonoff, Sales and Operations Manager, says, “We work with about 20 different flooring vendors that have different rules to cost an area rug. You’re defining it by the inch; you have multiple colors, multiple finishings, and other add-ons. And so, we have a very complex way to get to the final price that we need to show live on the website and calculate accurately within the ERP . . . The product configurator in Acumatica was the only solution that did that elegantly.”

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