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  • Scalable: we encourage your growth and scale with you
  • Customizable: Acumatica is easily customizable to meet your unique needs.
  • Powerful: provides superior functionality for dynamic organizations like yours
  • Extendable: easily integrates with external apps, using a service-oriented architecture, a modern cloud xRP platform, and open APIs
  • Amenable: Acumatica promises a fair and respectful relationship with all customers and has been awarded numerous user satisfaction awards year after year.
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Why Acumatica is preferred over Odoo

Acumatica is designed to support growing organizations, as it lets you add or customize features as your company grows.
Functional advantages
  • According to real-user reviews from, Acumatica outranks Odoo in the great majority of functional capabilities.
  • Odoo is moving features from its free Community version to its paid Enterprise version— taking necessary functions away from clients to push them onto the paid platform.
  • Odoo does not provide proper audit management capabilities, so it is cumbersome to correct user mistakes or adapt to process and transaction changes.
  • Odoo is best for companies with entry-level, predictable, and repeatable processes, but it is not a good fit for the dynamic organizations Acumatica was built to support.
Scale as you grow
  • Acumatica charges for computing resources used, not for the number of users added to the system. So, Acumatica scales with companies as they grow, and they can add as many users as they need—from employees to customers and external stakeholders—without paying additional licensing fees.
  • Scalability is one of the biggest issues Odoo users and partners face. As large transaction volumes tax the Odoo software, users are hampered by slow performance, corrupted transactions, and conflicts with concurrent users on the system.
Customizations using industry-standard tools
  • Acumatica is highly configurable and is built with the industry-standard C# programming language on the .NET development platform.
  • Acumatica’s low-code/no-code technology allows non-technical staff to quickly and easily customize how the system works for their companies.
  • With Odoo, customization is difficult—even if you’re using Odoo’s own customization tool (Studio). Most Odoo customers engage a skilled developer to perform customizations—at a high cost.
  • Odoo customer support does not apply to customizations. Customizations can’t easily be migrated to new versions of the Odoo software. Because of this issue, users often choose to remain on older versions of Odoo—missing out on new features.
Integration with third-party apps
  • Acumatica’s service-oriented architecture, cloud xRP platform, and open API strategy make it intuitively easy for customers to integrate Acumatica with external apps—all by themselves.
  • The Acumatica Marketplace is filled with third-party solutions developed by expert Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Most of these solutions are native to, certified by, or fulfilled by Acumatica, so they can be trusted to operate exactly as they say they will – even through product updates.
  • Odoo encourages customers to have their third-party software integrated with Odoo by specialized consultants or partners.
  • Odoo markets itself as “open source,” which means many ISVs can develop third-party software solutions for Odoo, but the company does not oversee those apps. So, most ISV solutions wind up being incompatible with Odoo SaaS or breaking when users upgrade to newer versions of Odoo.

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