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  • Limitless: Add unlimited users and companies at no additional cost.
  • Affordable: Only pay for the resources you actually need.
  • Freeing: Eliminate vendor lock-in, choose the tools you need, and grow on your own terms
  • Tailor-made: Work with an ERP platform you can easily customize to your unique requirements.
  • Complete: Get a complete ERP solution with superior out-of-the-box financials, plus native support for distribution, manufacturing, and more.
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Why Acumatica is preferred over Sage Intacct

Acumatica is designed to support growing organizations, as it lets you add or customize features as your company grows.
Multiple deployment options
While both products are available in the cloud, Acumatica also supports hybrid deployments for companies that want to keep sensitive data in-house. More importantly, Acumatica allows users to choose their upgrade schedule when it’s convenient. Sage Intacct upgrades occur automatically without input from customers, sometimes disrupting their operation.
Acumatica charges by computing resources used, not by user. Sage Intacct charges per user. These user costs increase as your company grows. Intacct also requires 3rd party products to round out their ERP portfolio which Acumatica natively provides, further increasing costs for licenses, integration, and maintenance.
Full function ERP
Sage Intacct is primarily a Financial Management software system. There is some functionality to also support light inventory requirements, Order Management, and Construction-specific industry needs. But the capabilities lacking include native CRM, Warehouse Management, Field Service Management, along with vertical features supporting Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, and Retail-Commerce – which Acumatica provides out-of-the-box.
Flexible Licensing Options
Both products are available through public cloud subscription licensing (SaaS), but Acumatica also offers alternate options to accommodate customers’ unique requirements.
Industry-Specific Features
Acumatica offers industry-specific editions for manufacturing, construction, retail-commerce, distribution, and general business needs.
Scale as You Grow
Acumatica allows you to scale as your company grows and can accommodate multiple companies and currencies.

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