An Infor Visual Migration Guide Reveals Why Today’s Manufacturers Should Switch to Acumatica

This Guide looks at Infor Visual’s past, present, and possible future, highlighting why customers should reconsider their reliance on the legacy ERP solution.

Find Out Why Manufacturers Should Choose Acumatica With A Free Infor Visual Migration Guide
“Today’s manufacturers must diversify offerings with services, construction, and D2C sales—something that is challenging with legacy ERP systems like Infor Visual. Further, the lack of progress toward the cloud puts Infor Visual users in a precarious situation with limited deployment options and restricted mobile access—especially for back-office features.”

Visual Manufacturing was launched in 1991 as a mid-market ERP solution, and it met with great success. In 2004, Infor acquired the popular Visual Manufacturing application with modest updates. Unfortunately, enhancements have not kept pace with manufacturers’ cloud-based expectations and market expansion desires beyond core manufacturing operations, which is why customers should consider an Infor Visual migration.

In Acumatica’s complimentary Infor Visual Migration Guide, find out:

  • Will Infor keep investing in Visual—or not?
  • Does the aging platform work for today’s manufacturers?
  • Is Infor Visual suitable for distributors, process manufacturers, and manufacturers who sell D2C?
  • Does Infor Visual’s Partner and ISV community offer customers the service and third-party applications they need?

Sadly, the guide reveals that changing product directions and unfriendly business practices combined with a limited partner and developer ecosystem negatively impact Infor Visual customers. As such, they should look to a modern, future-proof, and trustworthy cloud ERP solution—like Acumatica—to meet their complex manufacturing requirements. Download Acumatica’s Infor Visual Migration Guide for additional insights.

This Guide is offered by Acumatica, a leading cloud business management software provider that gives mid-sized companies a complete, real-time view of their businesses—anytime, anywhere.

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