Home Goods and Furnishings Manufacturers: Replace Legacy Software with a Modern ERP Solution

This Industry Digest illustrates how home goods and furnishings manufacturers streamline their supply chains, automate business processes, and grow with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition.

How Home Goods and Furnishings Manufacturers Thrive with Industry-Specific ERP Software
“Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is ideal for home goods and furnishings manufacturers with everything you need to take your company to the next level. The future-proof cloud platform provides unlimited users and choice of deployment with a complete suite of business and industry applications for manufacturing, product configuration, engineering, inventory, order management, commerce, point of sale, service, and financials.”

A constantly evolving industry, variable products, and limited ERP application options cause many home goods and furnishings manufacturers to stick with what they know. Unfortunately, what they know is entry-level accounting or customized legacy software. What they need is a specialized solution that has the exact features for their industry (e.g., product configurator, engineering, estimating, production management, quality control, commerce connectors, point of sale, lot/serial tracking, and so much more).

In this Industry Digest, Home goods and furnishings manufacturers will learn:

  • How much the home goods and furnishings manufacturing market is projected to grow.
  • Which features home goods and furnishings manufacturers should be looking for in a modern ERP solution.
  • Why Acumatica Manufacturing Edition has everything home goods and furnishings manufacturers need in a single solution.
  • What resources are available to help them succeed in their digital transformation journey.

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