Powerful Growth for Retailers and eCommerce Companies with Acumatica’s Complete ERP Solution

This eBook provides 7 ways Acumatica helps retailers and eCommerce companies pivot to meet ever-changing global commerce demands and grow in the process.

Retailers and eCommerce Companies Grow with Acumatica
“Acumatica Retail Edition is a complete ERP system with deep business and supply chain management features and unmatched product breadth. The modern, cloud-based ERP application improves data visibility, reduces IT costs, boosts operational efficiency, and provides flexibility to enhance customer satisfaction.”

Many retailers and eCommerce companies are depending on too old, too simple, or too complex business management systems to help them grow in today’s digital economy and evolving global commerce. Like Goldilocks, they need to find one that’s “just right,” and Acumatica Cloud ERP is it.

In this eBook, find out how Acumatica helps retailers and eCommerce companies:

  1. Increase sales by generating more leads with connected sales automation.
  2. Exceed customer expectations with embedded CRM.
  3. Optimize inventory through replenishment and real-time monitoring capabilities.
  4. Streamline warehouse operations for fast, flexible, and efficient order fulfillment.
  5. Automate business procedures with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  6. Improve data visibility using a single platform and open APIs.
  7. Reduce IT and infrastructure costs with a cloud-based solution.

Retailers and eCommerce companies can transform and grow with Acumatica’s perfectly fitting cloud ERP solution. Learn more by downloading a free copy of the eBook today.

This eBook is offered by Acumatica, a leading provider of cloud business management software that gives mid-sized companies a complete, real-time view of their businesses—anytime, anywhere.

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