Streamline Tax-Exempt Sales with Avalara and Acumatica

Acumatica Cloud ERP System

Your Guide to Exemption Certificate Management

Streamline Tax-Exempt Sales with Avalara and Acumatica
Making tax-exempt sales doesn’t exempt you from compliance. Stay informed, reduce risk, and streamline your exemption process with Avalara and Acumatica."

Stay compliant when tax gets complicated. Acumatica and Avalara have partnered to provide you with five essential steps for managing your exemption certificate process. Whether you’re selling tax-exempt goods or services, understanding the intricacies of exemption documents is crucial.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Identify Tax Obligations: Know where you have tax obligations. Understanding the jurisdictions where you operate is essential for compliance.
  • Recognize Exempt Sales: Determine which sales qualify for exemptions. Properly identifying exempt transactions helps you avoid unnecessary tax liability.
  • Collect the Right Documents: Understand what documents to collect for each sale. Whether it’s a resale certificate or an exemption form, accuracy matters.
  • Validate Document Completion: Ensure that exemption certificates are correctly filled out. Mistakes can lead to audit risks.
  • Efficiently Manage Records: Learn how to store and manage exemption certificates effectively. Having a centralized system simplifies compliance and reduces risk.

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