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  • Acumatica is a true cloud ERP solution designed with modern tools—no slow response times or time-outs.
  • Acumatica has over 250 standard reports with the option to make easy, no-code modifications.
  • Acumatica delivers on a consistent and comprehensive product roadmap.
  • Acumatica works easily integrates with external apps, using a service-oriented architecture, a modern cloud xRP platform, and open APIs
  • Acumatica gives users the choice to upgrade when it’s best for them; we don’t force customers to upgrade on our schedule.
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True cloud ERP
Ease of use
Customer support
Customization using industry-standard tools
Integration with third-party apps
Customer Bill of Rights

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Why Acumatica is preferred over Epicor Prophet 21

Acumatica is designed to support growing organizations, as it lets you add or customize features as your company grows.
True cloud ERP
  • Cloud-native and designed with modern tools, Acumatica is optimized for web-based and mobile deployments. Acumatica doesn’t suffer from latency issues because it was truly born in the cloud..
  • The cloud version of Epicor P21 is difficult to deploy, often slow, and buggy.
  • Epicor P21 relies on legacy PowerBuilder code, which, according to Enlyft, only 1.4% of companies use today.
Ease of use
  • Acumatica, ranked #1 in usability by numerous peer review and analyst firms, provides personalized workspaces, a simple global search process, configurable visual workflows, a native mobile application, low-code and no-code reporting, role-based dashboards, and an intuitive user interface.
  • Epicor P21 users complain about inflexible workflows, multistep processes, and difficulty getting data in reports.
  • Additionally, Epicor P21 users have complained there are many steps to do basic tasks. There are many customizations needed to make the product do what the salesmen say it can do.
Customer support
  • Acumatica puts customers first, providing industry-leading support that is confirmed by stellar customer reviews. We are the only midmarket ERP vendor with a comprehensive Customer Bill of Rights.
  • Epicor P21 is notorious for overselling and underdelivering.
  • “Epicor is terrible to work with, poor customer service…they seem to be only interested in selling more products to us... rather than help us fully utilize what we already own.” customer review, 2020
Customizations using industry-standard tools
  • Acumatica provides over 250 standard reports, to which users can make easy, no-code modifications. They can also effortlessly customize workflows, business events, dashboards, forms, and tables—no manual workarounds needed.
  • Epicor users must create manual workarounds, deal with siloed data, and incur costly one-off modifications that are painful to maintain and support.
Integration with third-party apps
  • Acumatica’s service-oriented architecture, cloud xRP platform, and open API strategy make it intuitively easy for customers to integrate Acumatica with external apps—all by themselves.
  • The Acumatica Marketplace is filled with third-party solutions developed by expert Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). The Marketplace also includes various applications that accomplish the same tasks in different ways, giving users the option to choose which applications best suit them. Most of these solutions are native to, certified by, or fulfilled by Acumatica, so they can be trusted to operate exactly as they say they will.
  • Epicor’s ISV program is not open. ISVs are handpicked, and their solutions are typically sold through Epicor. This means that customers are stuck with only one ISV solution to manage a crucial business process, like EDI or commerce needs—one solution that may not fit their requirements.
  • Epicor charges for source code and development tools, like APIs, which limits customers’ ability to connect the system to external software and data.

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