See why thousands of companies choose Acumatica over Infor CSI (SyteLine)

  • Acumatica is a true cloud ERP solution designed with modern tools—no slow response times or time-outs.
  • Acumatica has over 250 standard reports with the option to make easy, no-code modifications.
  • Acumatica delivers on a consistent and comprehensive product roadmap.
  • Acumatica works easily integrates with external apps, using a service-oriented architecture, a modern cloud xRP platform, and open APIs
  • Acumatica gives users the choice to upgrade when it’s best for them; we don’t force customers to upgrade on our schedule.
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Why Acumatica is preferred over Infor CloudSuite Industrial

Acumatica is designed to support growing organizations, as it lets you add or customize features as your company grows.
True cloud ERP
  • Cloud-native and designed with modern tools, Acumatica is optimized for web-based and mobile deployments. Acumatica doesn’t suffer from latency issues because it was truly born in the cloud..
  • Infor ported its on-premises solution, SyteLine, to the cloud. But they didn’t re-write the application. This has left Infor CSI with a huge performance latency problem.
Robust functionality
  • Acumatica devotes product management and R&D resources to all its modules and Industry Editions. The product roadmap is comprehensive across all functional areas.
  • Infor’s R&D does not give equal attention to all modules and industries. CSI is foremost a manufacturing system and is given the most resources. But other applications, like Financials, Field Service, and CRM, are lagging in the capabilities users need to grow.
  • Acumatica supports multi-modal manufacturing environments for discrete make-to-stock, batch process, and make-to-order environments including assemble-to-order, engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, and job shops. Native project accounting supports project-driven manufacturers as well.
Customizations using industry-standard tools
  • Acumatica provides over 250 standard reports, to which users can make easy, no-code modifications. They can also effortlessly customize workflows, business events, dashboards, forms, and tables—no developer expertise is needed.
  • With Infor, customizations (e.g., modifying reports, adding database fields, creating business event triggers, etc.) must be done by skilled IT developers.
Upgrade on your schedule
  • Infor CSI is automatically upgraded every month.
  • Acumatica offers users a choice. The Always Current program provides automatic upgrades, while the Acumatica Flex program gives users the option to schedule their upgrades on their own terms.

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