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The Kensium Magento Connector is a key feature of Acumatica Commerce Edition. It combines the power of Acumatica Cloud ERP with the world’s leading eCommerce platform, Magento. This extension tightly integrates the two platforms through two-way data synchronization, eliminating redundant information and the need for duplicate entries.

The Magento Connector transforms Acumatica into a single business management platform from which merchants can manage all eCommerce activities, including those related to inventory, fulfillment, orders, sales, and financials. It provides automation and synchronization that allow Magento businesses to maximize operational efficiency and boost profits.

Key features

  • Connects eCommerce front end and back office
  • Provides seamless synchronization between Acumatica and Magento
  • Offers fully configurable sync direction and schedule
  • Automates data sync
  • Eliminates redundant data and duplicate entries
  • Allows users to pull data from multiple sources

Benefits for Your Business

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About Kensium Solutions

From payment processing solutions to air-tight integrations for e-commerce businesses, Kensium Solutions is devoted to developing and supporting Acumatica customers. A 2016 Acumatica MVP, we are always looking to see how we can improve our products for Acumatica users.

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