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Acumatica Future-Proof Cloud xRP Platform

A versatile platform, designed to provide growing businesses with the most cost-effective, flexible, and efficient way to deploy and support their IT infrastructure and business applications—without the need for significant capital investment and staffing increases.
  • Universal platform
  • Familiar environment
  • Built for mobility
  • Low-code / no-code customization

Connected Business. Delivered.

The Acumatica xRP platform is a versatile architectural framework and application development platform that empowers developers to easily customize to the way your customers do business. It is built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology and provides the tools to re-imagine business applications for an interconnected world. It also enables ‘xRP’ – a mission to unlock the business potential of companies powered by Acumatica, where ‘x’ represents any ERP requirement of a company or industry regardless of its size and location.
The Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform enables developers and software companies to speed to market, significantly reduce cost, and deliver a SaaS offering at scale without compromise. Because Acumatica’s ERP platform technology uses standard web technologies and development languages, you can modify your business logic using the platform tools or a separate integrated development environment.

See what xRP is all about

Acumatica Development Platform - Part I
Acumatica Development Platform - Part I
Acumatica Development Platform - Part II
Acumatica Development Platform - Part II
Acumatica Development Platform - Part III
Acumatica Development Platform - Part III

Analyst Insights

"Small and medium-sized businesses need to automate business management processes to grow their businesses. Acumatica’s ERP gives SMBs a flexible and scalable way to manage core business processes more effectively and efficiently. The release of Acumatica ERP gives users an even better experience, with a faster user interface and expanded mobility features that make it quicker and easier to get their jobs done."
Mickey North Rizza, Program Vice President

Advantages of the Acumatica xRP Platform


Universal Platform

Develop all applications in the same environment; take advantage of advanced extensibility capabilities; rely on the Acumatica Framework and rapid release cycles to maintain technology leadership.


Familiar Environment

The Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform is built on industry standard Microsoft .NET, HTML 5, and Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment, ensuring a large worldwide talent pool.


Speed To Market

Bring your application to market in months, not years, by leveraging rich platform features and pre-built functionality; Acumatica xRP is architected for scale, performance, and flexibility.


Protect Investments

Abstract your application code from technology changes through the Acumatica middle tier.


Low Code / No Code Customizations

The platform also includes a simplified web interface, so business process experts can make simple application changes and update workflows without detailed programming knowledge.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence with machine learning is used throughout the ERP application to automate traditionally manual processes around accounts payable bills, expense matching, OCR scanning for documents, and many other business processes.


Workflow and Alerts

Setup and modify business process workflows to match the way you do business. Create business events for text or email alerts to manage your business by exception.


Collaborate Freely

Add users with no additional license fees. Foster collaboration between employees, customers, vendors, and external business partners. Use the CRM Customer portal to facilitate customer self-service and communication. Share files via embedded document management with Adobe PDF markup capabilities and Microsoft Teams integration (currently in managed availability).


Superior Usability

Users enjoy intuitive navigation with features like a consolidated toolbar and recommended next-step operations. The logical user interface enhances user adoption both across the organization and with external trading partners.


Reporting and Analytics

Hundreds of standard reports are included out-of-the-box. Customize reports and create new reports without programming. The exposed data model helps easily create generic inquiries and data for further analysis. Seamless integration with Microsoft Power BI gives users robust analytical tools.

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