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A look at Acumatica 5.0 to Acumatica 2017 R2:
What to expect from Acumatica’s latest releases

Enhancements to the Acumatica Platform in Acumatica 2017 R2

We are thrilled to announce these new and exciting enhancement to Acumatica ERP in September 2017. They are designed to improve our customer’s insights, productivity, and technology.

Acumatica continues to build on our cloud ERP promise of value: provide a complete picture of your business with the mobility to stay on top of everything from wherever you are, whenever you need, while utilizing the latest in technology to improve your business processes and bottom line. There are three parts to this announcement.

1. Acumatica 2017 R2. The semi-annual update for Acumatica 2017 R1 (previously known as Acumatica 6.1), which was released in February 2017. This update includes:

  • New User Interface
  • New features in
    • Customer Management
    • Financial Management
    • Distribution Management
    • Project Accounting
    • Field Service Edition
  • Newly expanded API’s and other technology improvements

2. New Industry Edition for Manufacturing

3. New integrations with key ISV Partners:

For more detail on these product enhancements visit:

Enhancements to the Acumatica Platform in 6.1 (now known as Acumatica 2017 R1)

In February 2017, Acumatica announced several major enhancements to the Acumatica platform.

Flexible User Interface (UI)

Users may choose a simplified interface with better drilldown from dashboard widgets.

Multi-Cloud Integration

Acumatica integrates with the open source app repository on to give you easy access to services such as and Survey Monkey.

Expanded Mobile Functionality

Acumatica has long been known for its superior mobile functionality. Users on the go can now use parameters to create custom reports, and then download PDF report files to their devices.

Expanded Support Options

Although most customers work with Acumatica partners to implement Acumatica ERP, some customers have asked for direct access to Acumatica technical resources. These customers have previously been able to meet their needs through Customer Premier support. To give you another option, we’ve launched Standard Support—a new level of support that offers chat support, online incident management, and 8-to-5 coverage with a next-day Service Level Agreement (SLA). Standard Support is free for the first year of a customer’s implementation.

New Editions of Acumatica ERP

Acumatica Field Service Edition

Acumatica Field Service Edition is designed for companies that repair products or equipment at their customers’ locations. It includes Acumatica Financial Management, Distribution Management, and Field Services Management. Customers can use this new edition to manage the call center, dispatch service providers, plan routes for repair vehicles, and manage equipment history and warranties. Field Service Edition also leverages Acumatica’s investment in mobile functionality to support a mobile workforce with remote inventory management, mobile updates, and the ability to update routes in Google Maps based on traffic patterns. Get more information at

Acumatica Commerce Edition

Acumatica Commerce Edition incorporates the very popular Magento website platform to give customers a complete, integrated eCommerce solution. This suite features a real-time connector between Acumatica and Magento and a product configurator, both provided by Kensium. Commerce Edition also includes Acumatica Financial Management and Distribution Management. Companies that do their own fulfillment may use Acumatica Advanced Fulfillment to streamline the pick-pack-ship process. Optional integrations include shopping cart, EDI, automated sales tax calculation, and payment gateway. Get more information at

New Acumatica Partners


Acumatica Summit 2017 spotlighted InfinityHR for its human capital management (HCM) solution. This secure, web-based HR management system provides comprehensive HR and payroll functionality to a diverse client base. Acumatica’s integration with InfinityHR will give Acumatica users access to InfinityHR’s core HR functions and modules, which include applicant tracking, benefit management, employee self-service portal, payroll, and performance management. Get more information at


At Acumatica Summit 2017, we also announced a new integration with DocuSign. DocuSign for Acumatica Cloud ERP makes it easy for Acumatica users to prepare, manage, and send documents for signing from within Acumatica Cloud ERP. This includes sales orders, bills, and contracts. This integration is available now on Watch Demo now. Get more information at

Enhanced Features in Acumatica 6.1

As Acumatica continues to grow rapidly, we are still making quality, stability, and performance our top priorities. Here are some enhanced features we released in Acumatica 6.1 on January 31.

  • Approvals of Expense Receipts. Acumatica ERP now provides functionality that lets you set up the process of approving expense receipts submitted by your employees.
  • Enhanced Recognition of Pending VAT. Acumatica ERP now supports the legal requirement in some countries that VAT should be recognized, accrued, and included in the tax report only when payment is received for the taxed goods or services.
  • Change of the Customer in Sales Orders. You can now save time in creating a new sales order by copying and pasting a previous sales order and then simply changing the customer ID.
  • Use of the Warehouse Shipper Address. If your company is configured as one branch that uses multiple warehouses without multi-branch support, you can use the shipper address from one particular warehouse in documents.
  • Partial Receipt of Two-Step Transfers. Acumatica ERP now lets you receive partial quantity of stock items in transfers.
  • Enhanced Access Rights Management. You can now more easily manage users during user type configuration and set up access rights inheritance.
  • EULA Acceptance. You can accept our end-user license agreement (EULA) online.
  • Integration with Power BI. You can not only build a Microsoft Power BI tile in a dashboard, but also embed a Power BI report on a separate page.

These are just some of the highlights of Acumatica 6.1. Customers and partners can download the complete Release Notes .

A look at Acumatica 5.0 to 6.0:

It has been said that “past performance is generally the best predictor of future behavior.” Looking at our own past, we believe it’s an easy bet that Acumatica’s customers will continue to receive a stream of useful, well-executed product and technology enhancements for the foreseeable future.

With each release, Acumatica refines our business application’s functionality, user interface, reporting and more to deliver valuable tools to our users. We also control enhancements to the technology our product is built on – the Acumatica xRP platform. Substantial technical improvements are made with every release to improve Acumatica’s performance, mobility, deployment and integration capabilities.

To demonstrate our commitment to enriching and modernizing Acumatica systems, check out the progress we’ve made in our latest releases below.

Acumatica Release 6 – Stunning Dashboards, CRM Gets a Boost, and APIs!

On September 8, 2016, Acumatica, released Acumatica 6, featuring useful new product and technology enhancements. Acumatica debuted this latest release of its cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product at a well-attended launch event in Boston, Mass., with customers, partners, and industry analysts in attendance.

Product enhancements in release Acumatica 6 include:

Real-Time Insights

  • Management and configuration of dashboards and widgets
  • Complete data analysis from inside the application
  • Unlimited drilldown into screens, reports and generic inquiries

Productivity Enhancements

  • CRM add-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • Opportunity creation simplified
  • Accounts Payable approvals
  • Account Receivable Parent-Child relationship

Technology for the Future

  • Multi-lingual data fields
  • Contract-Based APIs upgrade
  • Extension of APIs with REST (representational state transfer)

Learn more about Acumatica Release 6.0:

Acumatica Release 5.3 – Performance, Stability, and Mobility

At our Annual Acumatica Summit in February 2016, version 5.3 was launched following the release of both 5.1 and 5.2 in 2015. Release 5.3 delivered these enhancements:

  • Enhanced Configuration of Deductible VAT
  • New Sales Profitability Reports
  • Improved Processing of Bank Transactions
  • Integration with HubSpot marketing automation software
  • Enhanced Project Stock Management
  • Improved Integration with Exchange Server
  • Extended Mobile Application
  • Workflow Changes
  • User Interface Changes
  • Performance Improvements

Learn more about Acumatica Release 5.3:

Acumatica Release 5.0 – Exciting New Capabilities

The 5.0 version of Acumatica released in the first quarter of 2015 delivered a number of exciting enhancements to the user experience, as well as brand new capabilities, including:

  • Many Financial Movement and Distribution Management enhancements
  • B2B Portal – Self-service access for business partners 24/7 to complete tasks, such as viewing inventory and placing orders
  • Payroll – Acumatica 5.0’s new payroll functionality gives you everything you need to deliver pay to employees through check or direct deposit
  • iOS and Android apps – Native mobile apps designed specifically for iOS and Android devices
  • Universal search – Find the documents and data you need with ease
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange
  • Single-sign-on with popular services such as Windows Live ID, Microsoft Active Directory and Google ID

With 5.0, customers were also able to take advantage of new product editions that enabled organizations of all sizes to utilize the powerful capabilities of Acumatica Cloud ERP with a lower total cost of ownership.

Learn more about Acumatica Release 5.0:

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