Acumatica Cloud ERP Software Version 2023 R2 Beta Overview

Acumatica released Beta for our 2023 R2 release on September 8th.
Superior Usability with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Below are the themes and details on the key features of 2023 R2:

Reimagine your Business with Intelligent Technology

In order to grow in today’s digital economy, small and midsized businesses need more than just financial applications. Their ERP system must seamlessly integrate with other technologies and applications. Acumatica’s business management solution helps organizations centralize their technology and provides them with the intelligence and agility to meet their unique challenges. Built on a modular and nimble platform with native mobility, open APIs for rapid integration, and enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Acumatica is designed for how businesses operate today and in the future.

Feature Benefits for Technology:

  • Make work on-the-go easier and more productive with dynamically visible containers that show only the relevant tabs on the mobile device.
  • Save time with actionable custom field elements to navigate to external sites.
  • Drive productivity and efficiency by tailoring the workflow to the order type; create a custom workflow for a new order type.
  • Streamline bank reconciliation and manage credit card receipts efficiently by automatically mapping bank fields to fields in Acumatica.

Feature Benefits for AI/ML:

  • Support international operations by leveraging AI/ML to add branches and locations to Acumatica’s document recognition capabilities while supporting complex language recognition.
  • Speed data entry using intelligent text completion that makes recommendations based on past entries.


Drive Growth with Best-in-Class Applications and Unified Finance and CRM

Acumatica’s best-in-class applications support seamless contact-to-cash scenarios to manage relationships across sales, finance, fulfillment, and support. Financials remain the heartbeat of every ERP system and Acumatica’s robust financial suite is designed for larger companies with complex requirements yet easy to use in smaller organizations. This feature-rich accounting portfolio combined with seamlessly integrated product applications become a powerful financial engine for growth. In addition, Acumatica’s embedded CRM delivers visibility of customer data throughout your organization, empowering your employees to provide fast, informed, and more personalized customer service. Unified financials with CRM not only bolster this financial engine for growth but also provide a cohesive customer relationship experience to delight your customers.

Feature Benefits for Financials:

  • Enhance cash flow and streamline the payment process with Acumatica’s robust and integrated payment processing system that enables customers to make secure credit card and ACH payments easily.
  • Provide reporting compliance with robust overtime calculations that calculate overtime by multiple factors and enable employees to more easily understand their earnings and deductions on jobs/projects with paystub improvements.
  • Simplify compliance in the US with state configuration for 1099 reporting and in Canada with T5018 reporting improvements.

Feature Benefits for CRM:

  • Boost sales by helping reps close more deals; automatically assign leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities to reps by sales territory.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and support by streamlining returns processing; automatically create a return order and link it to the case facilitating time-to-resolution SLAs.
  • Simplify the administration of email accounts and enhance security by managing personal email accounts in Acumatica.
  • Instantly add contacts, leads, opportunities, and orders via the Gmail add-on, published on the Google Marketplace.
Win in your Markets with Tailored Industry Capabilities

Today’s competitive marketplace requires specificity and a keen grasp of the unique needs for each industry. Acumatica understands that when it comes to ERP solutions, a one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work anymore. Different industry segments have special requirements and KPIs that are critical to customer success. Our smart industry editions are meticulously tailored to industry-specific scenarios to make our customers more competitive in their markets.

Feature Benefits for Distributors, Retailers, and Commerce Merchants:

  • Improve profitability and provide transparency with capabilities that enable reviewing estimated margin percent and amount calculations during order creation for an entire order and individual line items.
  • Streamline mass stock allocation and deallocation for orders with the new Manage Sales Allocations screen; automate the allocation process and apply manual overrides to change or refine suggestions.
  • Protect margins with features that optionally exclude automatic line discounts, such as volume discounts from order lines for a particular price, such as promotional pricing.
  • Add the world’s largest sales channel with the Amazon connector that connects Acumatica to Amazon’s Seller Central marketplace, supporting FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and MFN (Merchant-Fulfilled Network) delivery models.
  • Open new markets and accelerate sales to business customers with Shopify’s new B2B eCommerce platform by seamlessly integrating online sales with Acumatica’s back-end fulfillment processes.

Feature Benefits for Manufacturers:

  • Improve manufacturing cost control and streamline implementation and setup for cost accountants with a new user role and the option to lock production order status.
  • Simplify production order ticket printing with the Acumatica DeviceHub service that includes automation schedules and predefined printer settings.
  • Extend Acumatica’s Product Configurator via new web endpoints to leverage rules-based product options and values logic for configured orders from external apps like website storefronts, custom portals, or other applications.

Feature Benefits for Contractors and Service Organizations: 

  • Gain better insights with side panel access for multiple business document maintenance screens that improves end-user navigation.
  • Save time with capabilities that enable deactivating cost codes that are no longer used in projects. Once deactivated, the cost codes become unavailable but remain specified in documents so users can continue working.
  • Empower users with features that enable editing retainage information in subcontracts and purchase orders linked to change orders.
  • Improve project visibility with capabilities that support reviewing outstanding AR aging documents and their unreleased retainage for a particular date.

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