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Acumatica College Education Program (ACEP)

Equipping students with in-demand cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) curriculum for the workforce.
Acumatica College Education Program (ACEP)

What is the Acumatica College Education Program (ACEP)?

Acumatica is building a foundation of college level courses that will prepare students to enter the workforce with business skills that are created through the hands-on use of the Acumatica system.

The program was developed by Infinity Resources Management and was launched on a trial basis last year at Farmingdale State College, a member of the State of New York (SUNY) educational system.

Based on its huge success, the plan is to develop more courses and place them at colleges and universities across the country.

The University of Michigan – Flint, University of Maui, and Arkansas University have also joined the program.

What’s in the courseware?

This program is designed to prepare students for intern and full-time employment opportunities in jobs that require the use of database-driven business control systems. It provides both a business and technical perspective of ERP, equipping business and technology-oriented students with high-demand skills.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Review the importance of ERP and its history.

  • Learn the major processes of an ERP system including the Sales, Engineering, Inventory Management, Production Planning, Manufacturing and Production Control, and Shipping and Billing processes.

  • Understand how the integration of the processes can improve the control, efficiency, and profitability of a manufacturing business

  • Perform "hands-on" exercises using Acumatica, a leading cloud-based ERP system

  • Understand the challenges of distribution and manufacturing and how an ERP system can help solve them

  • Identify the underlying technical concepts that are used in an ERP system

  • View real life case studies of businesses that use ERP

  • Learn about Acumatica, a leading cloud-based ERP system that is used to support this course

What are the Benefits to Students, Colleges, and Businesses?

The ACEP program offers students an innovative way to learn business skills using real Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The courseware is presented to the students via a Learning Management System (LMS), which uses text, graphics, videos, case studies, online exercises using the Acumatica software, and online tests to reinforce the learning objectives.

Colleges gain the benefit of having a cloud-based ERP partner that will provide fundamental resources, allowing the college to quickly adopt the course into its curriculum. The general course supplements a business curriculum but is also beneficial to engineering and technical studies.

After taking the course, students can enter the workforce with a solid understanding of ERP and hands-on ERP skills, which are valued by the business community.

On-boarding with ACEP is seamless and hassle-free. Acumatica provides access to its cloud-based software at no charge, ensuring a smooth integration process. Additionally, an LMS platform complete with comprehensive courseware is offered for free. Instructors receive complimentary training on the LMS, enabling them to make customizations to the courseware tailored to their specific needs.

Success Stories

  • SUNY Farmingdale State College has had more than 50 students attend the course and they have been able to add this achievement to their resumes. This has resulted in a number of employment opportunities with local businesses as well as internships with the business community.
  • The University of Maui is using the program to augment its charter to expand the skills of persons that were displaced by the wildfires last year.


What are the prerequisites for taking the ACEP courses?

None. Course is designed to provide fundamental ERP concepts to any level student.

How long do the ACEP courses typically last?

Courses can be customized to be given over a few weeks to a full semester.

Must the program be a new curriculum for the college?

It can be, but our experience has been that it works best as a supplement to an existing business or accounting curriculum. In this way it reinforces concepts already being taught with hand-on business software.

Does the program require any Technical support from the college to support the software?

Acumatica provides a fully hosted instance of the ERP software to the college. The program also provides a hosted Learning Management System for use of the college for these courses. Neither of these platforms require college technical resources.

How fast can a college adopt the program?

Onboarding the program which includes technical set up and instructor training typically takes 3 weeks.

How can a college learn more?

If you would like to get a better idea of how ACEP can help your college or university please complete the form and you will be contacted to schedule a quick overview of how ACEP may be able to supplement your curriculums.